Sunday, September 30, 2012

Celcom Cupcake Challenge Finale

So what have you guys been up to this weekend?

Remember the Celcom Cupcake Challenge workshop that I attended earlier this month where I get to bake cupcakes and decorate them? Well this time round, I get to attend the Celcom Cupcake Challenge Finale at Publika yesterday to witness the battle among 55 finalists that have been short listed based on the highest number of likes on the photo of their cupcakes that they had submitted on The Celcom Cupcake Challenge FB page. I was quite surprised that a most of the participants are youngsters and there is also quite a number of guy participants.
The exact venue of the challenge was located at the Boulevard @ Publika, just in front of the Celcom Blue Cube. 

Some of the fellow contestants, seated after the registration. 

The media pass. 

This is how the workstation looks like, a counter is allocated for each participant. The participants will have to bring their own baking tools and decoration materials. 
Besides the challenge, public will also have the opportunity to have some fun and decorate their own cupcakes at this booth.
Adorable kids having fun with their hands-on session (: 

There's also 1000 free cupcakes giveaway to the public as well!
As you can see the rows and rows of cupcakes nicely arranged at the counter. 
1Msia sweet treat for everyone :9

Before the challenge started, the participants are being briefed with the rules and regulations.

Razif Hashim was the emcee of the day, yes he's the guy from Gol and Gincu! :D
The participants are then asked to go to their counter and get ready minutes before the ultimate challenge officially starts. 
The participants are given an hour to decorate only one cupcake, it wasn't easy I must say. There are so many things that need to be done! I can see some of them are quite nervous with their shaky hands and trying to have it done on time despite being all focused. 

The youngest participant of the cupcake challenge, how cute! 
The one and only Barbie cupcake! Pretty unique right?  
Few of my personal favourite cupcakes of the day that made it to the Top10 as well, the effort and creativity that they have is really impressive. I was pretty much wow-ed by all these masterpieces! Don't you think so too?
So of course, we have a panel of jugdes for the challenge comprises of three celebrity chefs namely (From R-L) Chef Rose Weiss, Chef Sherson Lian, and Chef Dato Fazley Yaakob.

The judges were going around to judge the 55 different cupcakes at the counter based on their creativity, uniqueness, best decoration and similarity to the submitted photos.  

While waiting for the result, we were entertained with an adrenaline pumping dance performance by the Elecoldxhot Junior.  

Next up, it was Dato Fazley Yaakob who serenaded the audience with his latest single accompanied by the dancers in chef outfits. 

I bet most of the audience are swooned by his charming smile :3

It was a neck and neck competition that the judges had to called up the Top 10 finalists and interviewed them about the meaning behind their cupcake design. 

After much deliberation, they finally have a result! The moment you all have been waiting for... someone will be walking home with RM10,000 and a Samsung Galaxy S3!

The 52 finalists will be rewarded with a LG Prada mobile phone each, while the top three winners will win cash prizes and a Samsung Galaxy S3 each.

Drum rolls please...
2nd Runner Up goes to Mac Leong

1st Runner Up goes to Juneci Siong who walks away with RM5,0000! 

And the ultimate winner of The Celcom Cupcake Challenge goes to Chef Vincent Liew

Congratulations to the Top 3 winners and a big round of applause to all of the finalists *claps*

Not forgetting, a group photo of all the finalists who have attended The Celcom Cupcake Challenge with the jugdes and the representative from Celcom who had made the event a great success. 

I now present you, the winning cupcake! :D
After the prize giving ceremony, we were informed that there will be another cupcake event due to the overwhelming response! Stay tuned on their Facebook page because they will be announcing the next 55 finalists and more details about the next challenge! Once again, thank you Celcom for such a fun event that unite everyone together to celebrate the independence of our country.



Kelvin 'finalkt3' Tan said...

mmm, cupcakes. LOL

~Joeanney~ said...

I'm really impressed that they could come out with such idea and decoration on a tiny little cupcake 0.0 *clap hand*

ms.bulat said...

Oh LOL was the winner the only one that decorated the CUPCAKE CUP? (cupcake paper?)

Anne Lee said...

wah, so creative until a barbie doll also can.

Camy said...

woww. they are so creative. a little cupcake can be this pretty

ceritacherita said...

We should enter this challenge too actually. Hehehehe. Nice meeting you!

Jobless Girl said...

Yummy and beatific cupcake. Congratulation to the winner.

Jessy said...

Why u no take part in cupcake challenge haha

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Wow, a whole competition just to decorate cupcakes? Damn!