Monday, September 10, 2012

Celcom 1Malaysia Cupcake Challenge

If you've been reading my blog, you should know that I enjoy baking (: Boy, I was excited when I was invited to attend this exclusive cupcakes baking workshop last Saturday morning along with fellow bloggers and media organised by Celcom; the first and foremost mobile telecommunications providers at The Cooking House in Desa Sri Hartamas. How can I say no to cupcakes, especially and I really couldn't think of a better way to spend my Saturday morning. Recently, Celcom has came up with this Celcom Cupcake Challenge, an exciting and simple online contest to celebrate Malaysia's 55th Independence Day as well as the upcoming Malaysia Day on 16 September. 
All set up for a baking class at The Cooking House. 

Every tables are well equipped with baking utensils to be shared among two in a group. 
The main ingredients to bake the cupcakes. 

Bloggers getting all hyped up before the baking class starts.  

The recipe for vanilla cupcakes that we baked; easy and simple. 
MC of the day. 
Introducing the Chief Marketing Officer of Celcom; Mr. Zalman Aefendy Zainal Abidin who gave us a brief welcome speech that morning.

According to him, "Celcom is opening this contest not just to Celcom Customers but to all Malaysians as a chance to put their patriotism and creative skills on display. The Celcom Cupcake Challenge is the sweetest way to celebrate out country's independence and formation, thus he urged all Malaysians to come togethers as one nation over this fun and creative challenge."
Kitchen with set-up like this reminds me of the cooking show I always see on TV. 

This is Chef Rosa, our cupcake masterchef of the day who is also a host of the cooking show, Selera TV3. 
Guys, are you ready to bake some cupcakes? Jommmmmm! 
To start off, beat the butter and sugar till it's soft and fluffy like the photo below. 

It's not easy since we were to do everything manually, good training for our muscles! *shows biceps*

This is the ready made sample of nicely decorated cupcakes that resembles a Malaysia flag (Y) 
Thus our mission today is to design cupcakes creatively that portrays 1Malaysia #challengeaccepted.jpg

Bloggers having fun and baking cupcakes happily despite having sore arms :P 

Then, we add in the eggs! :D Two eggs to be exact. 

Chef Rosa showing us the proper way to whip and fold our batter.
Lastly, add in the flour and continue to fold it till the batter is even and creamy. 

End product for the cupcakes batter*double thumbs up*

Now, to fill them in the baking cups. By using a tablespoon, fill the cup till it's 2/3 cup full. 

24 cupcakes, all ready to be put into the oven to bake \( ̄︶ ̄)/

Take 5 after the first half of the baking class.

While waiting for the cupcakes to be done, we then proceed to prepare the cupcakes frosting. Now this is the FUN part! 
Beat the butter before adding in icing sugar.
The frosting that drained most of my energy *pheeeeew* I have to keep beating it till it looks like a dough and non sticking. It cannot be too moist or soft. 

Henry and the blue cupcakes that matches his blue watch (: 
Colourful frosting after being added with various colouring. Don't you love the striking colours? ( ´ ▽ ` )
Then we have to fill the piping bag with all these different frosting respectively and we're ready to decorate our cupcakes. The team with the most creative design will be rewarded :D

Yvonne and I teamed up with Henry and Ah Bok :D The guys helped us with the thin white frosting while we girls do the piping, it's not easy as it seems okay *wipes sweat* 
Teammates (L: Ah Bok, R: Yvonne) putting all of their hard work in creating our masterpiece. 

All of our hard work is finally paid off! Tell me, nice or not nice or not nice or not? (╯▽╰)

Closeup shot of our delectable cupcakes (: 
A group shot with our cupcakes! #successkid.jpg

Various creative cucpakes designs done by other teams. I personally like the one on upper left ♥

Guess what?! We won the best team for the most creative cupcakes design YAYYYYY
We were rewarded with 2 Chocolate Cookbooks courtesy of The Cooking House. 

Yvonne and I with our prizes HEHE 

Me and the cupcakes (ʃƪ´⌣`) Definitely worth the hardwork. They are so adorable that I don't even feel like eating them. 
Lunch were prepared and  served by The Cooking House after the whole baking workshop ended, Herb Marinated Chicken with mashed potato. The moist and tender chicken was oven baked to perfection, goes well with the delish mashed potato and gravy. It was such an excellent dish *rubs tummy*

It was definitely one of the memorable days in 2012, where I get to be a cupcake chef for a day HEHEH
It was indeed an enjoyable and purely hands-on event; I had so much FUN that I didn't even bother looking at the time wondering when is the event going to end. 
So to join this Celcom Cupcake Challenge, all you have to do is to design a cupcake based on your own creative interpretation of national pride and upload the photo to before the dateline on 23rd September. 55 participants with the most likes on their entry will be eligible to fo on to the grand finale on 29th September. Winners will be announced on that day itself! Just so you know, multiple entries are allowed! The top three winners will walk away with a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone worth RM2199 each and RM10,000, RM5,000 and RM2,000 in cash for the first, second and thrid places respectively and also fabulous consolation prizes to the other 52 finalists.

Sounds tempting enough? That's not just it. Do look out for free Celcom cupcake giveaways at selected malls on Malaysia Day itself. For more information, feel free to visit the FB page HERE.

Put on your thinking cap and start whisking your batter, last but not least happy baking Malaysians!


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Nice to finally meet u too =)

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