Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hello Kitty Sweety House Cafe @ Muar

I have no idea that a Hello Kitty themed cafe ever exists in Muar until I saw a friend of mine shared it on FB few days before the trip. I had to double confirm with Jie Yi and yes, there is one! OMGOMGOMG So happy, cause it's like a dream come true. Fine, maybe not a dream but, it's just part of my dream to visit a Hello Kitty themed cafe. Now I don't have to travel to Taiwan, Korea or even Japan (duh, that's where Hello Kitty comes from) to visit one. Even the boyf went to a Hello Kitty themed cafe before and had a ride on the Hello Kitty themed Ferries wheel during his trip to Taiwan last year! #nofair #jealous

P/S: Photos without my watermark belongs to Joeann.
P/P/S: Be prepared for excessive usage of the word Hello Kitty and exclamation mark.

It's fated that I have to visit it since The Little Cafe was closed on the first night while we were in Muar muehehehe *evil grin*
Here we are at Sweety House Cafe!

Spotted the gigantic Hello Kitty signature red ribbon bow on the door :D
There's also a cute hello kitty postbox on the right.  

Welcome welcome (=゚ω゚)ノ
This is probably how exactly I looked like when I stepped in the cafe; I went BERSERK. 
Get ready to be Hello Kitty-fied! (*≧▽≦) Even I myself went all awwwww-ed and omg-ed while I was inside *points everywhere whenever I spot a a cute Hello Kitty* I guess the owner and workers are so used to seeing customers like me, they are cool (in fact; couldn't be bothered) with me being so excited, walking around with my camera and take photos of everything inside the cafe. Pardon for my jakun-ness.

The whole interior was basically decorated with pink stuff and Hello Kitty everywhere; a haven for Hello Kitty fans. I think guys might feel uncomfortable entering this cafe, unless they like pink or Hello Kitty :P
Cosy and clean ambiance, loving the chandelier as well. 

Besides the ordinary dining tables and chairs, they even have the Hello Kitty cushion couches! 

Besides that, they have a few dining cubicles designed with tatami seats, suitable for big group like us. There's also this white curtains at both side, which you can use if you think you need privacy (; 

Die die also must take photo first! Glad that I'm not alone, Elin is also a Hello Kitty fan #buddyfistbump
Love the pink Hello Kitty wallpaper, I want one for my room too!  

Even the wall lamp has Hello Kitty printed one it (-^〇^-) 
It's creative of them to customize the tables themselves, did you notice there's also a hello kitty tissue box cover as well? ( ´ ▽ ` )

A group shot of the noisy bunch without me  ( ^ ω ^ )/  
Coincidentally, I was in dire need of a washroom so I ent to check it out as well. They sure didn't let me down. Even the toilets are filled with Hello Kitty! *faints*
If only they use Daniel and Kitty for the gents and ladies toilet signs #justsaying
I wanna have one of this Hello Kitty door curtains too, so cuteeeeeeeee! 

Not forgetting this huuuuuuge ass Hello Kitty mirror! 8D 

It's a must to take a I-was-here-so-this-is-a-prove photo :D 

The counter and mini kitchen bar where they prepare the drinks and desserts I suppose. 
More Hello Kitty stuffs and plushies, I wonder if those phones work. Hello hello? Obviously no :P 

The order form; but we didn't use it LOL
We were there half an hour before they are closing, so we just ordered a few desserts.
Mango sago dessert on the left and Sea coconut longan dessert one the right. I prefer the mango sago dessert, filled with mango goodness and sago pearls plus it's just not too sweet to my liking. 

We ordered a set of chocolate fondue (RM15.90) as well but it was rather disappointing. The chocolate wasn't hot and creamy enough, the dippables wasn't cold enough as well resulting in runny chocolate that doesn't stick on the dippables T___T   

All of my fave dippables (ʃƪ´⌣`) 

A clearer view of the whole counter from head to toe, so pretty right? *shining eyes*
All the food in Sweety House is served in Hello Kitty tableware along with Hello Kitty utensils. Even some of the dish serves rice that moulds into the shape of the iconic Hello Kitty head. 
I want one of those mugs too T__T

They have this kawaii hello kitty head plushie! :D 
The bunch insisted that I should take truckloads of photos before we left, how I love my friends for being so understanding ♥ ‏cause they know my serious Hello Kitty addiction.

Of course, the vainpot didn't miss a chance to take photos with the plushie too *thick face*

I've to thank Joeann for being so patient with me and took all of my photos ♡(´ε` )

Posting this photo up just cause I look slightly slim in it #angleproblem 
Sitting on this couch made me feel like a queen for a moment #diva Luckily I'm not wearing any pink top, or else you might not be able to find me in this photo LOLOL

Elin doesnt want to be missed out too ^^v 

In that small corner of the shop, they have shelves filled with board games and magazines too.
Oh look, a pink door. I wonder if it works like how Doraemon's door too? HARHAR #lame 

The desserts cost us about RM25.90 (:  I was feeling all happy later that night, I am so easily sated.

It's a must visit place if you're a fan of Hello Kitty, trust me, you'll love it! (❁´◡`❁) A pretty good hang-out spot with your friends, toddlers might like this place too and oh they provide free wifi as well.Not sure about the ones in overseas but I'm really impressed with the effort they put in making the place an ultimate kawaii Hello Kitty themed cafe *double thumbs up*

Hello Kitty Sweety House Cafe (Hello Kitty 甜甜糖水屋)
No. 9, Jalan Perniagaan 2,
Pusat Perniagaan Kenanga,
8400, Muar, Johor.
Tel No: 06-951 3387
Operating time : Sunday – Thursday (11am-10pm)
                         Friday – Saturday (11am-11pm)
                         Closed on Tuesday
Sweety House Official Fb Page : HERE



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