Friday, October 12, 2012

Durex Rap against STD

Somehow I think it's still like a taboo to talk about sex in our society or even between the younger and older generation. It's a subject that no one will find it comfortable to openly discuss about it. So naturally, when it comes to Durex, a lot of people will think about sex. This campaign is not about encouraging people to have sex by highlighting the need to have safe sex but it's about creating the awareness of STD. Of course we cannot stop people from having sex but we can stop STD from being spread in delivering the message across the nation especially among the youth. Like the saying goes; prevention is better than cure! If you are given a chance to speak out and make a difference even though it's just baby steps, you should be proud of yourself. 
Most of these diseases are treatable, and many are curable – early detection and prevention is equally important.
Do you know?
  • 6.5% of Malaysian teenagers were sexually active in 2010 compared with 2.2% in 2004.
  • Adolescents' knowledge on reproductive health and sexually transmitted diseases are generally low, at between 47% and 59%. 
Thus, it is crucial for us to bring the attention of how dangerous STD can be and spread the awareness. We also have to think the consequences of having unprotected sex. STDs can increase the risk of HIV infection, infertility and cancer. Stigma, inconsistent or incorrect condom use, access to health care contributes to high rates of infections among teens and young adults.

Therefore Durex create this interesting Rap against STD campaign and it is now available at  Durex FB page app to promote the awareness against STD to get your attention! Now everyone can rap yo 8)
Be a part of the movement, join us to spread the danger and awareness of STD and to create the longest collective rap video possible! 
  1. Search for Durex Malaysia on FB, and like the page. 
  2. When you land on the Facebook Application, click on “Bust a Rhyme Now” button.
  3. Instructions will be provided on how to submit in the Bust a Rhyme page. Then, click on “Submit Video Link” 
  4. Upload your video onto Youtube. 
  5. Fill in information required in the form with your video URL. Once done, click “Submit Video Link”.
  6. Then, you’re done! An email will be sent into your mail box within 24-48 hrs once the video is approved. 
Still confused? Fret not, here's a video that teaches you how to submit your rap video.

 Alright, I know I can't rap, in fact it's my first time rapping and being recorded *hides self* So don't burst out laughing at me okay? I know you just did in front of your laptop! ಠ_ಠ You can check out some other celebrities and bloggers that have joined this cool Rap against STD campaign on Youtube too! (; 

All you have to do is just rap, just that easy! You don't have to be as awesome as Nicki Minaj or Kanye West to rap, you can just rap your own style :D and it could be just a 15 secs rap like how I did it. You can come out with your own lyrics (highly encouraged but they do have reference lyrics as well) as long as it's related to our awareness campaign and you know what? Your rap can even be in English, Malay or Chinese or even your own dialects! 1Malaysia spirit, y'know? Anyways, if you're too shy to rap alone you can drag along your friends and rap in a group. No problemo! What are you waiting for? Put on your cool shades, start letting your creative juice flows and rap it out! Don't be shy! I know that doesn't sound convincing but yeah just enjoy and have some fun, it's for a good cause after all :D

Before I forget, feel free to drop by at the Durex Campus Roadshow that will be happening at KTAR on the 19th of Oct.

For more details, head to Durex FB page.
Remember, you can make a difference.


Xue Ren said...

haha! ur rap is so cutee! =P

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hahahaa. so cute. anyway, can i know how u use back this comment box instead of the nuffnangx? :X i cant find the way to change it back

Anne Lee said...

at least you did it, great job. I myself can't even sing a song.

Meitzeu said...

No worry. :) Practice make perfect and congratulation on your 1st trial! hehe

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Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

So cute babe!! So nice of you to support them =)

Tony Teh said...

actually this campaign is just to drive their sales HAHA! Sinister movie review

Kelvin 'finalkt3' Tan said...

LOL. Durex has such a creative campaign.