Saturday, October 20, 2012

Restoran Fu Kua @ Taman Sea

Anyone here fans of bittergourd? Definitely not me. As you can see from my post title, Fu Kua means bittergourd in Cantonese so yeah expect a bitter post ahead. Heh, just kidding. We all know that bittergourd has tons of health and nutritional benefits (it can even cure hangover!) which is why the older adults would always encourage us to take bittergourd. My mum once said to me, "If you can't even take bittergourd, you can never endure the bitterness of life". Well said, Mum. I will only eat it if it's less bitter (5 slices max) but how on earth can bittergourd be not bitter so yeah if you get what I mean #factsaboutme ( ̄ー ̄) I guess bittergourd will forever remain in the list of my least favourite vegetables.

Unlike me, most of my friends eat and actually like bittergourd (so I'm the weird one) so Sie Yii decided to bring us to this famous bittergourd restaurant in Taman Sea for lunch back in August. Yeah, two months back IKR but better late than nothing *wink* Alright, back to the bittergourd restaurant.
A huge menu hung on the wall.  

Simple interior of the restaurant. I wonder why is it painted with yellow instead of green. 

Front page of the menu with few of their signature dishes I supposed. 
Even the drinks and some of the desserts are made from bittergourd! Fresh orange bitter gourd is definitely recommended, most of my friends liked it. 
And yes, that's how their menu looks like, just plain words with no description. No photos whatsoever and there's like at least 10 pages filled with Chinese and English translation. It can be really difficult to decide what to eat cause there is just plenty of choices to choose from! And on a bright side, they do have several  dishes that don't serve bittergourd, YAY for me!
Framed newspaper cuttings hanging on the wall. 

More on the other side of the wall, impressive huh? 

Japnese tofu with minced meat that got to be my favouriteee :9 Love the gravy, goes well with the rice. 

Ham Yu Fa Lam Pou (reads: Salted Fish Pork Belly in Claypot), one of the must order dish whenever I'm dining in a Chinese restaurant. They gave quite a generous amount of pork belly. Sinful yet irresistible! 

Potato leaves with belacan, the belacan tasted funny and it's too spicy to my liking. 

Fried chicken and bittergourd coated with salted eggs. The chicken were perfectly fried till golden brown, with a flaky-crisp crust and juicy tender meat YUMS I'm giving this dish two thumbs up (Y)(Y) Definitely recommending this dish! 

Stir fried bitter gourd with salted eggs. Nothing much, just that it's a tad too dry. 

Overall, it was quite a decent and satisfying meal for the four of us. Price wise, it's reasonable and somewhat similar to dining at any average Chinese restaurants I suppose, less than RM20 per pax inclusive of drinks. We went back there again a week later for another round of lunch, trying out other dishes but I didn't bring along my camera the other day, too bad. I'm definitely seeing us going back there again once in a while cause it's worth visiting especially for bittergourd lovers. I'm pretty sure your parents or older adults would enjoy dining here as well :D
The place is always packed during lunch time and dinner, so we would usually drop by before lunchtime to avoid the crowd.

Why not try it out yourself? Go and indulge in a bitter hearty meal filled with bittergourd goodness at Fu Kua Restaurant with your friends and family (:

Restoran Fu Kua (Non-halal)
No. 21, Jalan SS23/15 Taman Sea,
Petaling Jaya,
Tel no: 016-2434233/016-2191548
Operating Hours: 11:30am - 3.00pm/5.30pm-11.00pm



Fer Haru said...

eeeeeeeeeeee fu kuaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. i dont like

Henry Tan said...

lol i thought each and every meal will consist of fu kua.. haha anyway i can accept fu kua fried egg! =p

SuFang (Careen) said...

I also don't like fu gua..>.<

Camy said...

nooo i dont really like fu gua ><

missyblurkit said...

I love this place...there is more than just bittergourd. And amazingly this place is one place that my hubby will recommend to his pals to get them started on bittergourd...himself being an ex bittergourd hater. Now he just eats them happily unless its bitter...

Anne Lee said...

the salted egg fried chicken!! we all love it.

Cathy Ng said...

I HATE YOUOUUUUUUUUU! this post has everything that I am craving for! BAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

Merryn said...

I very suka bitter gourd ooooo!

ms.bulat said...

i dont like fuuu kuaaa. but this restaurant fu kua not fuuu wan! LOLLOL :D