Sunday, October 21, 2012

Veet; Every Girl's Best Friend!

Know those days you feel unbeatable? Those are the days where your confidence gives you a glow that others are drawn to. I guess every girl out there would love to feel confident about themselves. Looking fantastic would usually makes you feel super-confident and while hair and makeup helps, it’s the soft, smooth, radiant skin that really completes the look. Wonder how? Veet is the answer! 

Veet; no longer a strange term in the ladies' dictionary cause it's the world's number 1 depilatory products. Since I'm a student, I couldn't afford regular waxing session at the saloon (IPL is not even an option T__T), so home remedy is definitely the best choice for me! I myself have been a satisfied user of Veet for years and I still am because Veet gives me soft and smooth skin that brings out the confidence in me. 
I've tried most of their products; be it cream or wax but my favourite has got to be the Veet hair removal cream cause it's painless, hassle-free, convenient (speaking of emergency!) and easy to use. It still  keeps my skin smooth after using it and what's even better? It's long lasting! 
With Veet, I no longer have cuts, ugly looking stubs, coarser hair or even worse dark armpits; every girls' nightmare - usual aftermath of shaving. *proudly raising both hands to show off my armpits* HAHA But it doesn't just apply to my armpits, it works wonder in getting rid of unwanted hairs on my limbs and body as well.  〜(^∇^〜)(〜^∇^)〜 Thus, I can wear sleeveless tops, tank tops or shorts anytime and anywhere since it's forever so sunny in Malaysia. I don't think I can ever survive covering myself all up like an Eskimo here. By wearing anything I'm comfortable in, naturally I'll have the self-confidence that comes from within. It doesn't mean I need to dress up sexy to feel confident but it's the other way round. Having smoother and softer skin makes me less embarrassed to flaunt my skin. Likewise, I don't have to worry getting weird stares from public as if I'm some ugly hairy creature (╯。╰)  No doubt, no one likes being hairy.  So I guess Veet deserve to be every girl's best friend because with Veet, you can feel confident in no time *winks* 

Check out my Veet-It-Off DIY outfit that I've revamped!
It's an oversized top that I've only worn once cause it's two size bigger than my usual size -__- And it's kinda plain so I decided to give it a vava-voom!

I tried tie-ing it up first and came up with these two different styles;
Hmmm, so what say you? *shake heads* I find them a tad too common and simple. Don't you think? So I decided to be audacious and come up with something bold and unique! *grabs a pair of scissor*

Now now, ready to see the revamped version 2.0 of my top?

Wait ............

For ....


and VOILA! I present you my masterpiece #successkid.jpg
Since I have a big tummy, so I was thinking why not reveal my sexyback instead? Since it's flat :P 

Instead of the usual cut out top, I decided to try out this cute bow back top, a top which I can wear for a casual day out or even for a day at the beach ( ´ ▽ `)
A better close up of the bow-back top! And guess what, no sewing is required!
Do let me know if you want a tutorial of it HEHE #buaypaiseh  
I even trimmed off few inches of the front part of the top to make it asymmetrical (one of the latest trends ehemm) and I paired it with a high waist short instead of a jeans for my after-look just cause I can flaunt my smooth legs too! 
So what do you think? (;

Last but not least, check out these videos brought to you by Veet

With Veet, you can now say goodbye to hairy problems \( ̄︶ ̄)/ Once again, thanks Veet for unleashing the confidence in me ❤


Camy said...

woo! sexy back :D

SuFang (Careen) said...

Wowww that's creative! I love your revamped top!

j_fish said...

Yes yes, tutorial please. =D

Evelyn G. said...

i love the bow back . so sexy and cute!

ms.bulat said...

niceeeee~~!! :D:D
sexy lady!~
but i think gotta cut the size tab!

Small Kucing said...

have used that before. Effective

Felicia Cheong said...

Wanted to take part also, but then i thought it was impossible to do it cause i;m super lazy. However coming across ur blog made me feel even worse about myself lol. Hope you'll win! :) :)

feliciacheong from

Meitzeu said...

Very cute ideas!

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Diana Diane Teo said...

oops! sexy lady! hahahaha... you are so creative. by the way, you said you got big tummy but I didn't saw that >.< Good luck to you.

我们的小宇宙 said...

Me too, lazy to take part. Wish U can WIN!!