Friday, November 30, 2012

21st @ Ben's Publika

Harrrrrrrrro ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Sorry for the sudden hiatus again but just so you know I'm still kicking alive in Penang yo! Been pretty occupied with presentation and de-stressing myself at the same time but I'll definitely be back with more food posts soon! But lemme clear some of my never-ending pending posts first :P

I know this is super delayed (after two months tsk tsk), so this is one of my many 21st birthday celebrations, with the lovelies this time round. This was be my third year celebrating with them but too bad this year, the surprise somehow wasn't that successful :P maybe cause I was just too smart to figure it all out HEHE and but yeah I killed the fun myself. So they took me out on the night of my birthday's eve and off we went to Publika. I was secretly hoping that they would bring me to S.Wine cause I've been wanting to try their food   *hint hint* but we ended up in Ben's, not that I'm complaining HEH But still thanks so much for the dinner treat and the present (':

It took some time for the food to be served, thank goodness we had this table topics to keep us occupied. 
Sexiest food? ROFL

Mushroom Lasagna 

Spaghetti Carbonara 

Spaghetti Bolognese

You must be lucky cause I'm posting this never -seen-duckface here! :P 
Doing what girls do best after dinner while waiting for the right time to surprise me with cakes HAHAHA

Just when I was about to order dessert (which I have been anticipating for!), they surprised me with these cakes with the staff from Ben's (':  Even few of the diners sang along the birthday song *blush*

The next thing you know, they are trying to smash the cake on my face. It has now become our sort of norm every year, the best time to get your revenge on each other :P 

The end result? So 'dirty', IKR? Tsk tsk, cause obviously the cake was too swallow and it didn't has much cream on it! I win HURHURHUR 

This brownie cake is delish and I'm having it all to myself *ngek ngek*

Thank you for the cute handmade card (':
Gotta admit that I teared a little while I was reading it, love them to bits! 

Couldn't resist so just have to remove the mustache from the card and take photo with it :}D

Honestly speaking, there were nothing great to shout out about the food.I heard their dessert are pretty good, yet to have the chance to try it. The service was so-so as well.

Ben’s (Publika) 
37A & 37B, Level G2,
Publika Shopping Gallery
Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6205 2768

Of course we didn't just end the night without any selca photos of us since we hardly hang out that often anymore T__T 
Making good use of the huge ass mirror at Publika HEH

Still the shortest even with heels T____T #forevershort
Metal tip top & fishtail skirt; Sg Wang
Bag; Charles and Keith which is actually the birthday present they got me ♥

The must-group-hug-pic on my birthday! :DDDDDDD 
Belinda, Y U NO show your toothy grinnnnnn? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
But I'm seriously thankful for my height cause if you'd realise, it makes me fit between them perfectly :P 
BadShortass Hilda is finally LEGAL :D

Can't believe it's already the end of second week in Penang! Time really flies, speaking of which it's already the last day of November today :O  which means we are just one month away from 2013 YIKESSSSS sooooo fast can die.

Happy December in advanced anyway :D



Small Kucing said...

Happy Birthday :)

Camy said...

why kl so many nice place :X

Čღήήϊє ♥ said...

like your Charles and Keith beg :D

Meitzeu said...

You should try to get a pair of contact lenses, it will make you looks complete!

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Jennifer FurFer said...

woooo the bag looks so awesome on you! And finally, you posted how you got ur moustache