Sunday, November 18, 2012

Up North

Hello from Penang! *waves*
I'm currently leeching wifi in Starbucks so it will be just another short post to keep my blog updated HEH Headed up to Penang yesterday morning and thank God for the fine weather though it was raining heavily earlier and surprisingly there was no traffic jam.

Few photos I took throughout the journey;

Finally, we're almost reaching the much awaited Penang YAYYYYY

We're on the Penang bridge yaw! *jakunnnn*

And oh spotted MAHSA adv towards the end of the Penang Bridge! LOLOL

We safely arrived at 3-ish! :D Somehow the GPS couldn't find most of the places in Penang and since none of us are from Penang, we had to drive around aimlessly while asking around for  directions and trying to figure out where to go #failedGPS and there are so many cars everywhere T__T Hopefully by a week time, we would be familiar with the roads and stuff.

Big thanks to Henry Tan for bringing us around Penang today! :P  
So glad that it's sunny here in Penang B)  
Joeann and I (:
Managed to try the famous Penang Teochew Cendol at Lebuh Keng Kwee :D 

And as for now, I'm having mixed feelings for tomorrow; my first day of clinical posting in Penang GH. Excited yet nervous cause I haven't really been studying over the one week holiday but let's just hope all is well *fingers crossed*

P/S: Penang langs, do recommend me places to go or food to try :DDDDDDDD

Till then, have a great week ahead!


Camy said...

how long you'll be stayin in penang? :D.

Jessy said...

Yo! I just came back from PG yesterday!!!!!

Rolling Fumbling Thug said...

Argh I want to go Penang too! *wait till my car comes back to me urgh!* This time around I must find out all the famous street arts!

Anne Lee said...

wah, you really travel alot huh. from south to north, west to east.

Merryn said...

All the best in Penang GH! :)

Henry Tan said...

today not so sunny day ad huh? =p

Jennifer FurFer said...

Post ALL the food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Small Kucing said...

wow....nice drive. no rain. looking forward to more post

Kian Fai Koh said...

go penang kia kia? hahah

I thought u will be start working or what :x

Xue Ren said...

aww! good luck for ur clinical posting hilda babe! :)

SuFang (Careen) said...

Penang is my LOVE!