Sunday, November 4, 2012

Start of A New Beginning

Ehem. This post was supposed to be up on the first day of November itself but yeah it's still early November so who cares.

Oh hi November :D A brand new month, a new beginning! I would be lying if I said I'm all fine now but I'm still slowly picking up the pieces and learning to mend what's broken on my own. I've cried enough and now it's time to get back up.  Time to move on with my life. Life is too short to be grieving over petty stuff like this. Of course it will not be as easy as it is said and it surely takes time to heal, but I'll try cause there's just no point looking back and feel upset about it anymore. I'm just blessed and grateful for the heap of support and love from my family and friends throughout this rocky patch, at least I know that I'm not alone. Thank you guys, you know who you are (:

I'm not gonna ask for an awesome November but just a smooth sailing one will do. It's gonna be a hectic month with PL0064 assignment dues next Friday. That time of the semester where there will be days of sleepless night and increased death of my brain cells. I'm in dire need of brain juice too and motivation! And oh I'll be heading up north for my 5th clinical posting during mid November after one week of Deepavali holiday, the one and only time to recuperate until year end T_T
Note to self: Be strong. Be flexible, love yourself, and love others. 
Always remember, just keep moving forward ❤  

Heard this song for the first time today and I was hooked right away *keep hitting the replay button* What to do, I'll be always a sucker for mushy love songs like this and I can't help with Zayn Malik loooooking so cute *stares at him*

And on a side note, Being Hildaladida has reached 250 followers today \( ̄︶ ̄)/ Multiplegazillion thanks all for your endless support! Looking at the list of my pending blog posts sighhh *shakes head* Anyways, I'll update soon, pinky promise (:

*back to rushing my assignment*

Here's to brighter and better days ahead! Have a great week people.


Carmen Hong said...

I agree, it's not going to be easy and there will be times when it gets really hard but it's part of moving on. Stay strong, babe! *hugs*

Camy said...

stay strong stay happy! and move forward! cheer!

ms.bulat said...

good days ahead! :)

Sharina said...

Good luck!!:) Start ur November right! :)

The Misty Mom

SuFang (Careen) said...

Stay happy :)) Have an awesome Nov!

Elin said...

You always have us beside you and do stay strong. Jom! Let's go hang out before your posting :) <3

Jessy said...

What doesnt kill you makes u stronger babe!

P/s: i really hate your word verification thing. so difficult to leave a comment, can remove it, lol!

Anne Lee said...

speaking of academic errands, they never end. keep up with the hardwork.

Vin Tsen Gan said...

I know leaving a long-duration relationship behind as nothing but only a memory (got first hand experience a few months back, so yeah there's that) is difficult, but hey, life goes on. Keep ya head up, Hilda! Really long journey ahead, provided that the whole end of the world theory isn't true wtf.

p.s. I actually quoted two of Tupac's song title in my comment, am I awesome or what?