Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Besides hunting down for food or sightseeing and visiting historical places in Penang, what you can probably do is hang out at a cafe especially at night. They have quite a number of cafes with pretty cool ambiance where you could just stay there the whole day chilling or read a book, that's if you're alone, at least I can.

I've heard about PIKNIK even before I went to Penang and I told myself I must visit them no matter what which I did, during the first week in Penang itself. After the movie date with the girls, we headed to PIKNIK along with JunFook and Henry. We were fashionably late for an hour and of course we missed the last kitchen call at 12am but luckily JunFook was early so he managed to order a few dishes for us.

All of us were quite full that night but I still savour as much as I can. How can you waste good food, right? :D
Pumpkin Creamy Cheese Bake @ RM10 w/ penne. 

Not too cheesy, just right to my liking (:
Dory Fish Fritters @ RM10 
Crispy dory fish cutlets fried to golden brown perfection and the fish is tender. Perfect for light snacks! 

Waffle Salmon @ RM12 w/ scrambled eggs, salmon and cheese.
This my friend, is the star of the night! Well if you're a salmon lover, you'll definitely love this! The salmon was quite thick and fresh. The best part of this waffle dish is actually the mayonaise between the salmon and the scrambled egg that blends well with each other, making this dish so sinfully delicious. There's definitely something in that mayonaise that makes you jizz in your pants. HAHA Exaggerating I know but still I'm highly recommending this dish! Perhaps you didn't realise, they serve their waffles on chopping board inside of plates :P 

Waffle Bacon @ RM12 w/ scrambled eggs, streaky bacon and cheese! 
What if you're a bacon lover, perhaps you should try this. It tastes equally orgasmic like the waffle salmon. Look at that bacon, mmhmmm. Even blogging about this makes me craving for it already T__T 

Can't decided which to choose, then maybe you can opt for waffle combo @ RM16 where they have both salmon and bacon on one waffle, how awesome is that :D yet the sad thing is you can't find this waffle elsewhere but in PIKNIK, Y U NO open in KL? 
Refreshing Iced Honey Jasmine Green Tea @ RM6.50
Bill that came in a vintage mini metal box, how cute. Little things like this (':
Oh, turtle and teddy were there too! :P 
The actual painting from the fraction that you saw from the photo above (; is drawn by Ernest Zacharevic, the famous artist who drew the mural wall paintings around Penang. Check out the video; zachxzap@piknik HERE

Comfy chill-out zone with pillows even for big groups. They have another section behind this area but I didn't get to explore around and take photo. Just so you know, they provide simple board games, block staking tower, cards and WiFi too.

See how they decorated their light bulbs with colourful tudung saji (read: food cover) and even plastic basket! So cool right? HARHAR And look, egg toy machines spotted at the back of the shop too! :DDD #childhoodmemories
The place is really awesome and I regretted for not taking more photos of the interior as well as the exterior of the cafe. If you're a person who adores art, you'll love this place. Just sit back and relax while enjoying their good food. I managed to visit it again during the third week and I'll definitely go back there again next time. One shall not not visit PIKNIK if you happen to be in Penang HEH

Till then, jom PIKNIK everyday ( ´▽`)

15 & 17, Nagore Road,
10500 Georgetown, Penang.
Tel: 04 - 226 0562 / 016 - 452 9250
Business Hours: 3:00pm - 12:00am (Sun - Thu)
                         3:00pm - 2:00am (Fri - Sat)
                         Closed on Tuesdays.
Official FB page HERE 



~Joeanney~ said...

Indeed a good place to chill

Anne Lee said...

totally love the retro ambiance and that salmon with egg is quite cheap with such huge piece of salmon.

Jennifer FurFer said...

Love the ambience so much. And the waffle salmon looks so delicious thereeeeeeeeee

• Stephanie C • said...

such a lovely place to hang out with friends. but too bad its in penang :(

Camy Lau said...

that day i went and drink niaaaa alamak. next time must eat there de

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Major love!!!
Wanted to go there the last time I was in Penang but too rush ady :(

Kian Fai Koh said...


and the bacon . . . . wah sinfulnye ahahaha

JJzai said...

Going to PIKNIK Cafe?
Better think twice, because you dont want to be treated with no respects and they chase you out from their shops, read this post and all of you would understand.