Sunday, December 23, 2012

SexyLook Extra Brightening Duo Lifting Mask Review

Need extra brightening? Need to chase away those fine lines? Introducing the new 3D Sexylook Extra Brightening Duo Lifting Mask, claimed to be the No 1. best selling 3D mask in Taiwan!  Not only does it helps in brightening and keeping your face more radiant, it helps to reveal the translucency and lift your skin as well! What's even better? Resulting in a sharper V-line face! Who doesn't want a V-line face, you tell me :P
Sexylook Extra Brightening Duo Lifting Mask now comes in a box with 5 masks!
Love the fact that they actually have instructions in English along with diagrams as well. 

The mask was soaked with generous amount of essence yet no worries about having the essence dripping all over your clothes. Surprisingly, this mask is fragrance-free (: 

What's so special about this mask is that it has hooks for both ears (OMG, IKR!) so that it's secured to your face throughout your 15-20 mins of pampering sesh, you can even jump up and down without fearing that the mask will fall over :P 
They have this extra flap that covers the chin area which comes with another pair of hooks as well and I supposed this is where the lifting takes place because I can feel that the mask is secured and tight after placing all the hooks over my ears. I was so scared that I might tear the mask while trying to have the hooks to reach my ears, but the material turns out to be quite sturdy although less thick compared to Lovemore My Melody 3D mask.   

Anothe plus point of this mask is that it covers almost the entire part of my face, unlike some masks that has huge holes around the eyes, nose and mouth but this face fits me perfectly well. Perhaps I have the typical asian face size LOLOL and did you notice that my chin was covered too? (Y) 

The results? Similar to Lovemore My Melody 3D mask, the essence absorbed pretty fast after removal and there is no sticky aftermath :D  It does brighten up my dull complexion a little but even better, my face felt moisturized and refreshed. The mask is suitable for sensitive skin like mine, since there is no breakout or itchyness after using it. And there is indeed a slight V-line effect, even my friends said so but of course it wasn't that long-lasting. But who knows after a few applications, there might be a difference. I guess no harm trying it, right? (; I can't wait to use till the last piece and see the difference myself *imagining myself with a obvious V-line face HEH
Good thing that it's now available in Malaysia too! Hurry and visit your nearest Watsons outlet (RM 23.10 per box; quite reasonable I would say) or visit their website at to purchase online. You can like and check out more details at SexyLook FB page too! :D

Every girl deserved to be pampered so comm'on, give that face of yours some tender, loving and care, will you? (ʃƪ´⌣`)



Camy Lau said...

can i try too? :P

Jennifer FurFer said...

*steal le masks*

Meitzeu said...

:) I always love Taiwanese masks!

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kuromeowiie said...

I liked this too! It makes my face fairer and sharper (Y)

Anne Lee said...

if I'm not mistaken, the mask that can hook over your ears one can help reduce double chin leh.

Merryn said...

first time encountering a mask that can hook over ur ears :)

Xue Ren said...

woots! special weyy! :D