Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chelsea Asia Tour 2013 | Meet and Greet Signing Session

Last Saturday will be remembered as one of the memorable events in my entire life. You guys might know that Chelsea FC (in case you don't know who they are, click HERE lol) was here in Malaysia over the weekend for their Chelsea Here to Play | Here to Stay Asia Tour 2013. Thanks to Samsung and Manoah for the money-can't-buy meet and greet passes, I had the opportunity to meet the players of Chelsea FC! Up close and personal okay (; Too bad Torres, Luiz and Mata didn't come along (T__T) for this tour yet I was still overwhelmed to be able to meet with the rest of the team. 

I took a cab and made my way to Saujana Golf and Country Club and made sure I was on time since the meet and greet session was scheduled to start at 12.30pm. As usual, there was a slight delay (Malaysian timing tsk tsk) in the schedule but it didn't took very long so yeah. 

It's an exclusive event so you'll have to have this pass in order to go for the meet and greet session. 

They gave us a Chelsea lanyard too with the pass! :D
Of course what's a meet and greet without the fans right? All clad in Chelsea's home jersey, I was feeling out of place since I was just wearing a plain white tee HAHA and I actually didn't expect to see so many fans that day but oh well, a fan gotta do what a fan gotta do. I think they are a tad too quiet, they should make some noise :P   

After some brief photo session, the fans then started to chant, cheer and sing while waiting for the event to start. 

Then we were brought to the Topaz room where we were all being seated and waited for our turn. It's really cool that we sort of had the VIP privilege cause we were the first few ones to go for the meet and greet session. 

Everyone feeling all eager and nervous! Lining up to FINALLY meet the players :DDDDDD

 I wasn't really feeling the butterflies until I stepped into the room. I was like BAMMMM, they are just in front of me since I only get to see them running around on the TV screen before this! 

I actually brought quite a few stuff for them to sign on but before we went in, the organizer suggested that we should just give them one item to sign on or else it would be quite messy since they wanted us to be fast and waste no time. I couldn't even have enough time to breathe duh I was obviously too busy swooning HAHA jkjk I didn't even have the chance to shake their hands ): At the mean time, I was super nervous for God knows why that even my hands are shaking so some of the photos I took are sadly blurred *smack head* I was of course too shy to ask every single one of them to pose for me so I took while they are signing their jersey. No eye candies for you guys :P 

First on the line, John Terry! 
P/S: This is the only clear photo I had of Ashley Cole and Mark Schwarzer. 
Teeheeeeeee, I feel so close to you right now 
Ashley Cole, signing the jersey. 
Mark Schwarzer // The new goalkeeper, previously from Fulham, can't even believe that he's already 40! 
Piazon, he's only 19 this year! (´∀`)♥  
Another Chelsea's young player, McEachran. 
Gary Cahill. 

A photo with Ivanovic! (*≧▽≦)

And and and of course, heart throb Hazard! ♥(ノ´∀`) This was actually unintentional, he caught me taking photo of him while he signed the jersey, so he posed for him, nawwwwww. 
My new boiiiiipren HAHA I wish, he's married though
No one could help me to take a photo of us so I just swiftly flipped open the swivel screen and snapped.One for the album but it's blurred too HAIHHHHH but better than nothing *sheepish grin*

Me on cloud nine and the oversized jersey!
The session was really really brief, in less than 10 minutes I guess. 

There were a few players that didn't make it for the meet and greet too cause they have a football clinic else where so I missed the chance to meet Cech, Ginkel (the Justin Bieber lookalike HAHA), Kalas, Schurrle and Lampard too, oh well. Still, I'm drowning in euphoria thinking back about the meet and greet, can't believe I've met them. Went to bed that night, smiling like Cheshire cat to myself :3 

T'was a good day, in fact an awesome one indeed. 



HerYuan Lau said...

so nice get to meet them! :O

HenRy LeE said...

i thought u MU fan? hahaha

Anne Lee said...

wah!! you get to take picture with him.

Merryn said...

Awww.. that pic of you and your new 'boypren'.. so sweet! :D

Henry Tan said...

why such a big shirt to signnnnn! u can't wear punnnn. lol. anyway Mark Schwarzer is a good GK!

Mr Lonely said...

well, that clothes certainly can sell out for a high price with it's signature~

Xue Ren said...

John Terry weyyy! That's awesome!

Nath said...

ROAR you got to meet & greet them, jealous!!!

donovancst said...

Glad you enjoyed that money can't buy experience. Thanks for supporting MANOAH