Monday, January 7, 2013

Bee Hong Tin Restaurant @ Muar

Hello! So how was your first weekend of 2013?

If you followed me on twitter, you would have know I headed to Muar over the weekend. The main reason of this trip was actually to try out this restaurant that I'm about to blog about. It all started when we saw this restaurant being featured on Ah Xian Ren Qing Wei on AEC channel last weekend and the next thing I know, we planned to have this food trip after submitting our assignment. How random is that? LOL so called mini celebration for our belated X'mas and New Year harhar (⌒▽⌒)☆

Note: Hope you're not that hungry as you're reading this now or else you might wanna consider reading it some other time :P cause even I feel hungry after blogging this post! 

It was quite packed when we were there around 7-ish but luckily we still managed to secure a table outside the restaurant. 
The list of their few signature dishes.
Make sure you bring along friends who can read Chinese if you can't :P 

Signature dish #1: Claypot prawn mee @ RM17
It's actually stir fried noodles cooked with prawns, vegetables and soy sauce gravy, topped with a raw egg before being served. So you'll have to mix the egg well before digging in (: It tasted exactly like fried noodles soup(炒煮面) in Sarawak and the prawns were succulent and fresh too! (Y) 
Signature Dish #2: Fried spring roll @ RM8

Crunchy in the outside, tender in the inside and I like that it's not that oily. The skin is a tad different from the spring roll I usually had, this on the other hand is thinner and extra crispy!  

Signature Dish #3: Yam basket with sweet and sour pork @ RM17 

Jeng jeng jeng* saving the best for last, so here comes the highlight of the night. They called it yam wall instead of yam basket. There's actually a significance as to why there are a few pieces of meat that were scattered around the yam wall, it indicates that the yam basket is fully filled and it made it look like there's 'abundant' of meat. Interesting eh? (;
This is my first time seeing yam basket served with sweet and sour pork but it's not unusual in Muar. Is it just me? LOL They have another version where it's served with sweet and sour cuttlefish.
The first bite was just... indescribable for words. It was that good. The taste of the yam was authentic and fresh! According to the lady boss, their yam was imported from Thailand, so that explains. The texture of the yam was slightly thick to my liking, at the same time it was crispy in the outside too. The sweet and sour pork complements well with the yam as well.

It's really not easy to make one of these yam baskets so imagine at the amount of work and effort they put to make so many yam baskets in a day! *salutes
That's the lady boss (L) and the boss (R). If you notice, their kitchen is located outside the restaurant, just beside their cashier counter. 

One of the many newspaper cuttings they had on their wall. 
Still mad crowded when we left at 9-ish! I must admit that they have really good business and you can notice that almost all the tables order the few similar dishes. We even have to wait for quite some time before our dishes. 

Since they were only the three of us, we didn't dare to order too much and all of the portion of the dishes we ordered were small. I love all the three dishes equally, giving them 9/10 each as each of the dishes had its own unique and memorable taste. I'll definitely come back to try out their fried meehon with crab if I have the chance in the future; it's one of their signature dish too! Perhaps another trip down next month? HAHAHA

So don't miss out if you happen to be Muar, it's definitely a place worth visit. Highly recommeded by me ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

In case you missed the episode from Ah Xian Ren Qing Wei, there's a video here! :D 

Bee Hong Tin Restaurant 美芳珍餐室 [Non-halal]
310-6 Jalan Ng Hoe Liat,
Bukit Bakri,
84200, Bakir, Muar, Johor.
Tel No: 017-6335660
Operating Hours: Daily 5.30pm to 11.30pm (Closed on Wednesday)
GPS: N2.2531' E102.39447'



XCB said...

i wanted to try this as well but johor is definitely not my 'di pan', need a fren frm johor to lead me there haha

Yuh Jiun said...

Love the fried spring roll! Looks so nice :D

Camy Lau said...

luckily i'm full right now :O

~Joeanney~ said...

Wah, all the way from Thailand? Bring me go next time *stare* :p

Jessy said...

I was at JB during the new year!

Merryn said...

Wah drool! I oso want yam wall now :(

Small Kucing said...

food looks so good

Diana Diane Teo said...

Both of my favourite, Sweet & Sour Pork together with Yam Basket, oh dear! It's not usual to find these combination cause mostly I found was yam basket served with mixed vegetables.

Xue Ren said...

wow! looks delicious ehhhh! :)

Mr Lonely said...

thanks for the recommendation~

Taufulou said...

wahhh!! highly recommended.. must go liau eh..

but too far. . :(

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Yor so awesome weh especially Yam basket with sweet and sour pork! *drools*

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

I haven't eat my dinner and yes I'm drooling now. =X

Jocelyn lum said...

Whoa! at least now I know where to eat if I head to Muar one day.

Being Hildaladida introduces Bee Hong Tin Restaurant:)