Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Penang Street Arts/Mural Paintings

Two weeks back, I tweeted that I must have to finish blogging about my previous trip to Penang last year (there's still a few more to go) by hook or by crook before my next trip in March #challengeaccepeted.jpg Mojo, Y U NO come to mama?! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)  

Besides the food, food and more food, one of the main attractions of Penang would definitely be the Penang street arts or also known as mural paintings (mostly are the artworks by the talented Ernest Zachaveric) on the streets of Georgetown. So, the girls and I decided to go on a mission to hunt for all the mural paintings on one fine Saturday. Of course you'll have to do some 'homework' beforehand or maybe get a map of where the murals are at to save time and reduce the risk of getting lost while searching for the murals. 

First thing first, breakfast! 
Dimsummmmm :9

I'll definitely recommend this place if you want to have dimsum in Penang, they serve pretty good and cheap dimsum! We visited this place twice and it only costs each of us less than RM10 every visit. 

Old Winston Coffee Garden (点心之家 Restoran Zim Sum) 
No. 35, Anson Rd., 10400, George Town, Penang .
Now, ready for our mural painting hunting adventure? #leggo
#1. Broken Heart Payphone Booths @ Love Lane 
Somehow, when we passed by Love Lane during our last week in Penang, we didn't see this telephone booths there anymore. I'm not sure if they remove it permanently :s 

#2. "Little Girl in Blue" Mural @ Muntri Street
It actually looks creepy in a way, no? 
#3. “The Awaiting Trishaw Paddler” Mural @ Penang Road

We couldn't find this mural at first but then found it by coincidence :P 

#4. "Child on a Swing" Mural @ Chulia Street Ghaut
We had problem finding this mural as well cause it's quite new and it's not updated on the map yet. But much thanks to the friendly and helpful locals around, we managed to find the mural.  

The incomplete group photo, well simply cause I wasn't in the photo! :P 

The one and only group photo we had that day ): 

Oh hey (: 
#5. "Brother and Sister Play Basketball" Mural @ Chulia Street Ghaut
Located just across the street from the "Child on a Swing" mural.
Then off we go to Chew Jetty to search for the next mural (: 

#6. “Children in a Boat” Mural @ Chew Jetty
Mural in black and white. 

View from the very end of the jetty. 

Can you spot the Penang bridge? :D

FYI, one of the scene in Ice Kacang Puppy Love, a Malaysian film was filmed here before. 

This the new Chinese temple at Weld Quay, Hean Boo Thean, Kuan Yin Floating Temple. We only managed to see it from far nearby Chew Jetty. More details HERE

One of my fave random mural at the carpark near Penang Teochew Cendol. 

Since it was scorching hot that day, we decided to take a break and have a bowl of cendol. 

Look at the amount of people at the cendol stall! 
Add: Off Penang Road, Lebuh Kweng Kee. 

Another random mural we found along Ah Quee street. 
#7. "Boy on a Bike" Mural @ Ah Quee Street.
Taking a close up shot of the mural with my toy camera :}  The aftermath? *points down*
Loving it ❤❤❤❤ cause it turns out to be the best photo from the entire film LOL

#8. “Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur” Mural @ Ah Quee Street
As you can see, the dinosaur is barely visible T__T

#9. “Little Children on a Bicycle” Mural @ Armenian Street

I've never seen a place filled with so many plants, like seriously o_o
It's a cafe actually, Amelie cafe to be exact but we didn't try it out. Surprisingly it was still packed even when it's late afternoon. 

We continued to walk down Armenian street, then we saw this super vintage shop! Couldn't help myself but to go in and have a look. 
The place goes by the name, 14 Living Story. Their FB page HERE. The uncle was entertaining the customers with the Taishogoto harp. 

As you can see, this shop sells a variety of beautiful retro goods ranging from pouches, bags, plushies, figurines and mini collectibles. Besides that, this place also serves as space for art exhibition and etc.

Spot the cute cups and antique thermal flasks
Awwwwww, a pink Leyland Mini! So cuteeee can c: 

#10. "This Old Man" Mural @ Armenian Street
This is Ernest's first mural (if I'm not mistaken) that features his neighbour, Mr. Ng Chai Tiam who is a famous wooden clogs painter.  

#11. “Reaching Up” Mural @ Cannon Street
Is it just me or I look tall in this photo? :P
The list of different murals that we are supposed to find - ALL CHECKED √
and I just realised that the boy with the dino mural was not in the list #facepalm 
Thing we do best while we're stuck in the jam(^ω^) 

Joe Ann x Sie Yii x Michelle x Hilda
Despite the sun was blazing that day, I'm lucky that I didn't get sun-kissed.
Tip: Put layers and layers of sunblock! 
Another tip: Be sure you have in mind how to pose with the mural and be patient while waiting for your turn to take photos, cause there will definitely be other tourists who will be visiting the murals too. Be patient and nice HEH if you get what I'm trying to say.

We spent 4 hours in total to search for all the mural paintings which is totally worth it, I would say (*T▽T*) Sadly most of the paintings are fading so hurry and go see it for yourself before it's too late.

Till then, stay tuned for my next Penang post!


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Anne Lee said...

may i know that the mural arts are all in one place or scattered apart?

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the paintings are so nice! Was hoping to have a chance to see it soon!! Sad that Penang is so far from KL la TT

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