Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Searching for private tutor?

I guess most of us were brought up in a way that tuition has become 'necessary supplement' as a student  during our schooling days, be it in primary or high school. Partly it may be the kiasu genes in us asians, no? LOL Since my friends are going to tuition, so I must go too cause the teacher is good! Not to forget, kiasu parents too, where they will go " Listen listen listen, if you go for tuition classes, you will score A for exams!" Sounds familiar? HEH And of course with the increasingly academic competition between classmates, public examinations combined with an ever expanding school syllabus, students tend to take up tuition classes in order to be able to cope with studies. I remembered I had my first tuition class when I was five, since then I've been attending various tuition classes in certain subjects that I'm weak in till Form 5. 

Tuition centers would be the usual options for tuition classes however, there is another type of tuition that is gaining in popularity among us nowadays. It goes by various names, such as home tuition, private tuition, personal tuition, one-to-one tuition, individual tuition, small group tuition etc. The main feature which makes it different from the tuition centers is its smaller ratio of students-to-teacher, which allows more personal attention to the student. By this personal attention, students are hoped to achieve better results compared to that of tuition centers and schools. I'm not taking any sides cause I still think that it depends on one if they are able to study better in a group or individually. 

So back to the question, if you're searching for private tutors either for yourself, your siblings or your own kids, worry no more! Well cause... will be more than glad to help you. With, you get to select private tutor based on your own preferences and convenience for FREE! Available not only in the major cities of West Malaysia, but also in Kuching, Sarawak and Kota Kinabalu. With just one click, you can have private tutor right at your doorstep! Imagine all the hassle and time you can save (: 
Just click the Find Tutor tab, fill in the form and they will contact you. 

Why them, you ask? Well, I hope this photo clarifies.
Besides getting a tutor, if you are searching for a part time/permarnent job, you can also register yourself as a tutor! Click on the Find Job tab instead.

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