Saturday, February 23, 2013

Young, Wild and Free

Hey there!

I've been internet-less for the entire week since I've got back from my hometown on Monday, thus explains the absence of any updates on my blog. Well, that's probably just an excuse HEH The reason I've been internet-less? Cause I terminated my broadband plan that has been serving me well since my foundation year (felt so old now) until the last 6 months where I got fed up cause of the turtle speed connection. Then, I decided to subscribe for my hostel internet, which is better and cheaper of course *smirks and who knows it took me a few days to get the internet connection, no thanks to IT department! But no worries, I'm back now! & of course that's what I said all the time too :P 

I thought I would be free during my CNY break but who knows I'm too busy lazing around that I didn't managed to update my blog AT ALL as planned. Tsk tsk, where will you ever learn, Hilda?! *shrugs

Enough of rants. Now moving on. This is one of the many delayed post that I'm supposed to blog earlier but yeah. Remember that I went to another world to experience snow? Wait, it's actually Snow World, Genting! (Click if you haven't check it out :P) After one hella morning of brain freezing, Joeann and I can't wait to head out to the theme park after lunch to get some sunlight, along with Joel and his brother *cues Hot and Cold by Katy Perry

Too bad the weather isn't that friendly that day. It keeps changing, for a second the sun was shining brightly, then it started drizzling and stops afterwards before the heavy rain came. I remembered my last time to Genting, was two years back with my family and I didn't even make it to the outdoor themepark since we only took the caterpillar ride. So I was pretty eggcited this time round to go the outdoor themepark. Uh-oh,  my inner child is unleased *running wildly 
Ready to have some fun? 
Thanks to Genting, we got a complimentary all park one day unlimited ride voucher each :D
Woohoo, let's get on all the rides! \m/

One of the exciting rides in Genting Outdoor Themepark; Space shot. 
This looks more like my type of ride :P but too bad I didn't got the chance to get on it.  

Dinosaurland RAWRRRRRRRR didn't bother going in so I'm not sure what's inside actually.

Up, up and away!

Joel, John and Joeann (just realised their initials are all J HAHAHA) went to queue up for this ride without hesitation while I politely declined their offer to join them and waited them by the side. Truth is, I was too scared so I chickened out HAHA yeah you hear me right. I even tweeted that I'll never try Space Shot or Corkscrew. I've always imagine what if I got a heart attack half way and died?!
The 3 Js with their happy faces, going for their first ride of spaceshot (: 
The queue was quite long so I did what I do best while waiting for them :3 
Took another shot and eh, they are done already. 

 But little did I know that, I went on the ride after that -__- while the other three willingly went up for the second time. I told myself life is too short to not try so I took up the courage and try it for the first time! Minutes later after the ride, I'm so relieved I'm still alive LOL Achievement unlocked! Don't laugh okay, I'm so proud of myself *pats self
After that, we went for something less scary :D To be honest, I never even knew there is such ride. Just a gentle reminder, you have to be less than 70kg to go on this ride HEH 

It may look like a boring and slow paced kiddy ride but I actually find it quite syok (;
Too bad that we didn't have the whole day and plus we didn't bring extra clothes to change, or else I'll try all the water activities!  

I was secretly happy to find out that Corkscrew was closed for maintenance but when we passed by for the second time, it was open. No, you must be kidding me! As expected, I was persuaded dragged to go for this ride with them. Since I've passed the minimum requirement of 140cm, I had no reason to reject them. So up we go, swirled and havd myself flipped upside down! :OOOOO I felt like I'm gonna fly out from my seat throughout the entire ride yet I had a great time screaming my lungs out and I told myself, no more next time!

         After all the insane adrenaline rush, this merry go round would be the best choice to cool down!

Here we go round and round, round and round until all of us are dizzy LOL 

Since the carousel was pretty empty, we got to pick our own place on the upper deck. Like a boss yaw :3

Printed sweater top - Uniqlo
Red skinny - Online blogshop

Flats - H&M
Cat Ears Bowler Hat - Glitz&Glitterz 
Sling bag (Not seen) - Taiwan 
Then, we proceeded to the indoor rides in the First World Plaza! 

We pretended we were 10 years old and went for bumper car ride twice! :D

Then we went for the 4D  Motion Master animated ride. Well,  if you can survive those outdoor rides, this would be nothing.

Last ride of the day; Flying Coaster that makes you feel like Spiderman. I took this ride years back so I gave this ride a pass. 

Random shot of a purple flower. 

Chilling around while before heading back. 
 Embracing the chilly breeze ❤ 
Thank goodness I didn't had a bad hair day *flips hair 
It's so foggy that you can't even see the colourful First World Hotel.  

Before I forgot, how can we not have photos of the four of us. Say cheeeeeese!
Groupshot #1 
Groupshot #2 
Joeann and I :DDDDD 

Till we meet again *wavessssss
Joeann and I again; selca shots in the bus cause the lighting made us look extra fair (x 
One last shot teehee 
Scenic view taken by Joeann while we're going downhill cause I was half asleep already :P 

So that pretty much wrapped out my whole day at Genting! Great to have a day off for a short getaway like this. Thanks @RWGenting for the great hospitality and fun-filled day  



Joel Wong said...

I definitely look the correct age to be in a theme park okay? xD

~Joeanney~ said...

Urgh! I hate my front hair...The ferris wheel is for kids, so forget about riding that, hahaa try the chi kek one! Its FUN WOHOOOO! !!! :P

Camy Lau said...

so sad i dont get to take the spaceshot when i went :(

Diana Diane Teo said...

It's been ages I didn't went Genting and it seems like there are so many new rides. I just like you, I dislike roller coaster and those extreme rides. My heart always skip the beats when I saw those rides. Scary!

Jennifer FurFer said...

aaaaaaa. I Love your top <3. And hehehehhe, do you want more of the Spaceshot ride?

Lim Eunice said...

ahhh ahh.. wait. You went there with fam or with friends? I was surprised that Joel is in! anyway, i enjoy browsing your pics ^^ heee.. so cheerfullll~~ <3

HenRy LeE said...

ohhh i miss the bumper car! heheheh

Anne Lee said...

hey, i love your #OOTD leh! so christmasy!

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Woah you're so daring! I'm old ady, don't dare to play anymore!

Small Kucing said... can blog more often?

I didnt know Genting can be so nice leh. :p

Henry Tan said...

wow i lama tak pi ad! i wanna play bumper car!