Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kopi At Coffee Atelier

Harrrrro from Penang! ☼

I guess you should have known that I'm Penang bound AGAIN for my one month clinical posting (: It's currently my second week in Penang, everything is so far so good. So happy that I'm able to feed my tummy with all the food that I've been missing, and there's definitely more space for the food that I've yet to try. Besides the food, one of our (by our, I mean my bunch of girlfriends and I) favourite weekend routine in Penang would be visiting concept cafes. I call it our weekly #siulailai (read: woman who marries well) tea time date. It's a real bliss to relax, sippin' a cup of beautifully brewed coffee, sniffin' the good aroma of the coffee and enjoying the moment, you know? Too bad I'm not a coffee person so I'll usually enjoy my pot of tea instead and of course, with dessert or pastry HEH

During our first weekend, our initial plan was to drop by Nostalgia Cafe but we wanted something light so we ended up in Coffee Atelier instead. Coffee Atelier which is located at Stewart Lane consists of 55 Café & RestaurantKopi which is a Coffee Museum, Gehrig Art Gallery, and 47 & 49 Residence. 

Kopi Musuem at Coffee Atelier used to be a small but busy coffee roaster's workshop, called the Kim Guan Coffee Factory. The present Coffee Atelier have preserved the now-tranquil workspace, once smoke-filled and redolent with the glorious aroma of freshly roasting coffee beans. The equipment pulleys and the wood-fired stoves which once held the pots of roasting coffee beans are still there, and it is easy to imagine the coffee roasters hard at work, endlessly stirring the coffee beans with large wooden paddles. The original Kim Guan coffee is still sold at Coffee Atelier —  Source

I always have this thing with old buildings and its architecture. 

I love love love how the drawings on the wall match the lamp cover.  

Perhaps this door leads to a secret passage? :P 

The original wood-fired coffee roasting equipment that still stands today at the back of the house.

Iced Mocha @ RM9. 
Iced Cappucino @ RM9. 
Hot latte @ RM9.

Kahlua Brownies with ice cream @ RM15
This was the bomb! The brownies is still warm and it goes so well with the cold vanilla ice cream that I jizzed in my pants HAHA How I wish they would give us a bigger slice of brownies. I like how it's nicely decorated, especially with the peaches and strawberries.  
Bon Appétit ♥

This would be my new signature of I-was-here photo (; I don't know why but I love taking photo like this. 

It is quite a nice place to hang out since it's really quiet in the afternoon. A pretty small place but it gives us a homey vibe. The old-fashioned and quaint interior is what attracted us the most, we couldn't stop taking photos of everything once we stepped in. I would say that the price of the drinks and desserts is reasonable as to compared to other cafes. Not to forget their friendly service too (: Feel free to drop by Cafe 55 and Restaurant which is just next door of Kopi, that serves quite an array of Mediterranean-inspired cuisine for breakfast and lunch such as their various tapas, pastas and cakes. 

Coffee Atelier 
47-55 Lorong Stewart,
Georgetown, Penang.
Tel: +604 261 2261
Opening Hours: 9am-5pm (Opens daily)



Small Kucing said...

woiw...lucky whole month there.

hey ...did you went to big bad wolf's at Penang times sq now

Chuen said...

Wah in Penang for one month so nice. All the best with your clinic posting. And hope to see more food reviews from Penang ^^ Eat all the nice food! keke

Camy Lau said...

i never discover this place leh :X

HenRy LeE said...

love the chinese vintage look for this place...seems like u're enjoying ur stay in penang ey! :P

foongpc said...

Nice ambience! Maybe I should drop by here if I go Penang : )

Xue Ren said...

this place is so antique feeling!! feel like visiting here for once! :)

Henry Tan said...

wow i still havent been there! >.<

Merryn said...

This place looks nice! I'll go there just to enjoy the ambiance as I dont take coffee :D