Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Win BIG Prizes at BAC Education Fair!

Calling for those who have just received their SPM/STPM results!

The BAC Education Fair will be held from 30th March to 1st May at VSQ, PJ City Centre from 11am - 6pm. There will be loads of fun activities awaiting for you and guess what, you could even stand a chance to win thousands of Ringgit worth of prizes like ASUS Nexus 7 tablets, Speed Reading & Memory workshops, movie tickets and many more. Well, all you have to do is just fill in this form HERE and you will receive a unique code that will be used at the lucky draw when you attend the BAC Education Fair. Get your friends to fill in the form as well and who knows, you might be one of the lucky ones that walk home with the lucky draw prizes :D

It’s the right education fair for you if you are still indecisive of where to head to in your higher education path  after your SPM or STPM as there will be lots of experts, local as well as from foreign universities to answer your questions and guide you in deciding on the important next stage of your life. Besides, there will be a carnival (who doesn't love carnival woohoo), competitions, games shows and more.


That's not just it, there will be LearningHub Instagram Challenge as well! Read on to find out more (:

Every hour starting from 1pm till 4pm, take a photo on Instagram with the following theme, then head over head over to Hertfordshire Room at every 45 minute interval to see if you’re a winner. e.g. Instagram Challenge 1 starts at 1pm, winner announcement will be at 2.45pm and so on.

Note: Each photo will need to have the following hashtag: #LHAChallenge, #LearningHub, #BACEduFair

The themes are :
 Day 1
1. Picture of a LeaningHub Asia Facilitators (1pm - 2pm)
2. Picture with a BAC Lecturer (2pm - 3pm)
3. BAC Edu Fair Poster (3pm - 4pm)
4. Picture of a Game Show Challenge (4pm - 5pm)

 Day 2
1. Photo of a LearninHub Asia activity (1pm - 2pm)
2. A Photo with a LeaningHub Asia Facilitator (2pm - 3pm)
3. Picture of a Game Show Challenge.(3pm - 4pm)
4. A Photo of you and/or with a friend next to a LeaningHub Asia Bunting/Banner (4pm - 5pm)

Seems easy, isn't it? And of course there will be prizes to be won at every challenge.
**Prizes are subject to change without prior notice. 

1st Prize - 1x Watch 
2nd Prize - 1x USB Drive 
3rd Prize - 2x GSC Movie Tickets. 

So, figure out what to do next for your studies and stand a chance to win BIG just for showing up, specially for 2012 SPM/STPM leavers. Hurry up and fill up the form at the link given here NOW! See you at the BAC Education Fair at VSQ @ PJ City Center (;

Map to the location; HERE.
For more details of BAC Education Fair, click


Small Kucing said...

too bad am too old for it

Diana Diane Teo said...

Same for me too. Too old for me already. I already expired for that =P

Camy Lau said...

too old for me de ><