Monday, April 29, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4; Your New Life Companion

The highlight last week was definitely the arrival of the almighty NEW Samsung Galaxy S4, one of the anticipated phone in 2013! Wait no more guys, cause it's finally here in town.

Their official launch was held last Saturday at a few venues namely Sunway Pyramid, The Gardens, Berjaya Times Square as well as Low Yat Plaza. This time round, their launch was somewhat different, less formal as they are doing it the carnival style and touring around town so that the public can join in the fun too. Sounds interesting isn't it? It sure was an eventful and busy morning for everyone :D

The launch was kickstarted at the first venue, Sunway Pyramid. 
Spotted among the crowd of people was our very own local celebrities Awal Ashaari and Liyana Jasmay at the launch. I was hoping to bump into them so that I can take a photo of them but oh well (: 

The troupe of entertainers of the day! Probably not a good idea for those who are coulrophobia :P 

The fun then continued with a flashmob performance at Berjaya Times Square! *dancing to the music* 

The colourful parade then reached for the final destination for its great launch at the LowYat Plaza's Samsung Outlet. 

Energetic dance crews in suit and cute little blue bows yawwww 8) 

Besides the flashmob and dance performance, there's also a performance by the Chiya-leaders! 

Plenty of balloons (reminds me of the movie UP) and weeeeee confetti, a scene you won't wanna miss! 

Representatives from Samsung that officiate the launch, presenting you the NEW Samsung Galaxy S4 :D 

There's even a Samsung Galaxy S4 truck, jommmm let's check in what's inside :D 

Photo credits to Senri
Photo credits to Senri
So that's pretty much about the launch. All photo of the launch are courtesy of Samsung Mobile Malaysia unless stated otherwise. I guess most of you are really excited to know more about the phone! Even most of my friends and classmates asked me about the phone. Let's move on to the phone, shall we?
I dropped by Garden's Samsung Outlet later that day to check out the phone and there was a continuous crowd of people there to check out the new phone too, well who wouldn't be excited right? 

Ohhh mai, I can finally lay on my hands on youuuuヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
My new life companion, perhaps? Cause I'm lovin' it already! 
S4 is now available is black and white, wonder if they will come up with more colours like S3 in the future. How bout a pink and red S4 too? ⊙ω⊙
Comparison between my S3; it quite obvious that the display is much improved and bigger now despite the same physical size. With the 5 inch Full HD Super AMOLED (1920 x 1080) display, I wouldn't deny that the display is much sharper and brighter. Vast improvement indeed (;  

The sleek and slim design (only 7.9mm thick) is definitely the feature that got me hooked. My S3 is light to me but I must say S4 is even lighter! 

On display, is also an array of colourful covers to go with the new Samsung Galaxy S4. 

Being a typical girl, first thing that I test would be the camera for sure! The camera on the Galaxy S4 is now 13 megapixels (up from 8mp on the Galaxy S3) on the rear and 2 megapixels on the front.  
On the right is the new feature, dubbed Dual Camera that allows the front and rear cameras to be used at the same time. This feature works in photo and video mode, and users can choose from a number of presets, including shaped vignettes, side-by-side mode and a postage-stamp look. It works in video calling as well, which I reckon this feature will come in more handy compared to photo and video mode. 
While on the left is just me trying out the front camera with the beauty face mode(^ω^) 

Photo credits to Senri.
In addition to the dual camera, there are some really neat new photo-taking modes as you can see and cool ones like drama, sound & shot mode, eraser shot and animation shot. I wish I can have a S4 on my own to try out all these different modes! 

Photo credits to Senri.
Good news for the fitness junkies! Being said a life compainion, the new Galaxy S4 cares for your health and lifestyle too. Another feature called the S Health keeps users up-to-date with health and wellbeing information through its sensors which monitors health and surroundings. Also, users can easily check their health conditions using food diary, exercise diary and sleep monitor to stay fit and healthy.  
Photo credits to Senri.
Introducing Air Gesture, a new feature where users can change the music track, scroll up and down a web page, or even accept a call simply with a wave of the hand, creating a new touchless experience with the GALAXY S4. Isn't that cool? *waves* It even works with gloves on which is really useful for those who are staying in countries that has winter season. Well, I experienced it myself during a trip to Genting SnowWorld, since S3 couldn't work with gloves on, I had to take photos with my freezing cold hands. 
Photo credits to Senri.
Another new feature would be the Samsung Smart Scroll that tracks eyesight movement to scroll up and down webpages by tilting the device, allowing for effortless browsing and navigation. Seems pretty cool too, but probably not everyone would find it practical though. Well, there's also Samsung Smart Pause feature that tracks eye movement to pause a video when the user looks away before resuming once their attention returns to the screen.
If I were to continue talking about how good this phone is, well I guess it's gonna be a long winding post. But I would suggest you to head to the nearest Samsung outlets to feel check it out yourself how awesome it is. One thing for sure, it's definitely better in a significant number of ways. Interested in getting it as your new life companion? This sexy phone my friend is priced at RM2,199, available with telco plans too. Heard that it's SOLD OUT on the launching day itself at Low Yat, so hestitate no more! Get the new Samsung Galaxy S4 for a richer, simpler and fuller life!

Check out their Facebook and Twitter page for more details.



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