Monday, May 6, 2013

Vanity Trove May Edition; Awesome Wholesome

Hi there! *jumps out of no where

Sorry for the lack of updates, been busy for the past two weeks on my final assignment that dues last Friday.  There's another final presentation coming up (that I've been dreading since the beginning of the semester) in less than 2 weeks. On a brighter note, I'll be having my summer break after that :D Can't wait!

So after my assignment submission last Friday, I went out to have a mini celebration with the bunch HEH Half way through, I received a call from the courier guy, informing me that my Vanity Trove is on its way. Vanity Trove is definitely one of the things that I'm looking forward every month. So excited that I had to rush back to hostel to make sure I collect it before the office closes. 

My first thought when I received my trove was boy it's heavy! Wondering what good stuff Vanity Trove has in box for me this month *unbox unbox
The awesome beauty goodies that I'm getting this month! 

Awesome wholesome is this month's theme and it's all about going organic. As you can see most of the products are more on skincare and hair products. Not really a fan or organic but for the healthy body and healthy me, why not? (; 

Close up of all the products :D

#1. Tilley's Goat Milk Soap bar @ RM12 each (RM26 for twin-pack)
Here's a neat treat for your body and skin. This body bars are wonderfully creamy in texture and provide gentle cleansing on sensitive skin. With its ingredients sourced directly from the purest Australian Goat Milk farm, these soaps bars are chemical free! They are further enriched with skin conditioning Organic Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba Oil and Organic Cocoa Butter.  

Goat's milk soap has always been well known for benefiting skin's health, especially sensitive skin. I have a friend who has flawless face cause she's been using goat's milk soap to wash her face since she was in high school. This particular soap is for the body, so I wouldn't try it on my face. One thing for sure, it smells damn gooood *sniffs

#2. The Heaven on Earth Lavender Essential Oil @ RM50 (5ml)

Made of steam distilled Lavandula Angustifolia flowers of a French origin, this essential oil addresses every household's health needs, it can be inhaled or applied directly on skin. It helps to promote sleep, balance and tone skin, reduce anxiety and aches, soothe insect bites and provides a relaxing and soothing inner calm. 

Never knew essential oil has so many functions, until I read the pamphlet. I love lavender so I'm really glad they gave me one with lavender scent instead of others. Guess it comes at the right time, before my exam. I definitely need this for my insomnia and stress :D 

#3. Pure South Organic Body Lotion with Fresh Goat's Milk @ RM59 (255ml)

Scented with native Australian plant extracts and pure essentials, this vitamin A and D-rich lotion is effective for treating dry and distressed skin conditions. It contains rose oil and Rosella extracts that stimulate metabolism for optimal skin cell renewal too. 

Another goat's milk product. I love how the lotion doesn't leave any sticky feeling after applying it on my skin. It absorbed pretty fast too (; It smells like mosquito repellent but not too strong, just nice for my liking. Hope it does wonder on my dry skin! 

#4. Avène's Thermal Spring Water @ RM19 (50ml)

Specially produced for care and management of sensitive skin. Its unique composition, which soothes and softens skin, has been clinically proven by over 300 stringent studies that it demonstrates skin-soothing and softening benefits. You can never have too much of a good thing - use it as often as necessary. 

This has got to be my fave item this month cause I've heard countless good reviews about Avène. I've tried this thermal spring water myself too and I love it. Comes in handy, especially during sunny weather. Most importantly, it is for sensitive skin so I won't be worrying getting any rash or breakouts after using it. Love the bag-friendly size too, so I can bring it along with me anytime anywhere (: 

#5. Schwarzkopf Essensity Natural Shine Serum @ RM56 (50ml)

You can now say goodbye to frizzy, flyaway hair. This feather-light serum, gives a natural velvet shine to your hair surfaces, smooths your tresses and tames the unruliest mane around. It contains a combination of organic essences of Sesame and Olive oils to improve the quality of hair texture for easy maintenance. Apply to damp hair before blow drying for extra smooth hair.  

As we all know, Schwarzkopf is one of the top-notch brand when it comes to hair products. My hair has been getting really dry lately after switching to another shampoo. Pretty excited to try it out and see the result. The texture is watery and the scent isn't too overpowering. So far, I've tried once but there's no obvious result after that. Probably it will after a few days or weeks, we'll see (; and oh, you can apply it on dry hair too! 

Not to forget, there are a couple of vouchers that were given this month too, including HiShop, Mary Chia and Antipodes. 

Overall verdict: I'm really really pleased with this month's trove! I can see that they are improving every month and it's good that they are giving us a variety of beauty products; cosmetics last month and skincare products this month. It's indeed awesome wholesome that I have nothing to complain about (: and most of the products are full size so it's totally worth the RM50 you're paying every month! It sure makes me even eager to know what will next month's trove be filled with :3

Big thank you, Vanity Trove for another month of beautiful surprises! *smooches
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Nicole Sim said...

Aww we got the same box! =) I love this issue too!

HerYuan Lau said...

awesome! somehow in ur last photo, ur lips look like the moustache symbol :D

Sarvin Sidhu said...

I have this box too! and i absolutely love it! :D

~Joeanney~ said...

Don't ever ever burn the essential oil directly, it's flammable you know? especially at home! A lesson to learn, haha XD

Henry Tan said...

yerr why so good one u all always got this kind of beauty box! >.<

sally said...

Do take a before and after picture from using the schwarzkopf product. I have irritating frizzy hair :(