Sunday, May 26, 2013

B-Station, Ampang Waterfront

I've heard of this place called B-station ever since one of my uni mates visited the place last year. The thing is, it's slightly far to reach from my place. Well it's reachable by public transport but it would be quite a hassle with all the transition of different train platforms and mode of transport. So after our finals, we decided to try out the place. Thanks to Joeann who drives us there, despite being lost, even with the help of GPS, Google Map and Waze. Epic fail, I tell you HAHAHA

When I first heard of B-station, korean food is the last thing on my mind. Surprisingly, B-station actually serves korean food and they are known for hotdogs and coffee. Korean food and hotdogs? Heh, again a rather peculiar combination.
It's quite hard not to notice this cafe, since it's painted red and the only shop along that row with such an exterior.  Just keep an eye after you've passed by Old Town White Coffee. 

Since we are still half an hour earlier before they are opened, we had to wait outside.
Even the exterior is nicely decorated with painting on the wall (: 

They have a lot of greens around, like a garden. Thus, a cute spade and garden fork to complete the whole garden theme (:
But the waitresses are nice enough to allow us in early and take our order.. I was astonished with the extensive menu (that I had to keep flipping :P), as they serve an array of korean food ranging from ricecakes to ramen as well as and pastries too. 

While waiting for the food, I just had to take photos of the interior! They really put an effort in decorating this place and if you're a girl, you'll definitely love it!

The beverages counter.

A bald plant for you to hang your polaroid photos LOL 

After taking all the photos, I just came to realise this yellow poster on the wall.
But I've spent more than 5 minutes? How now? But the waitress never stopped me in the first place HAHA Oh well :P 

Love this white lantern 
Why do you even take a photo of their chairs? Cause it has floral printed cushions! :D 

Since the cafe was empty, we chose to sit inside this small  cosy corner. So pretty right? With all the lace and English country theme vibe. 
Ice Lemon Tea (RM4.50) and Iced Americano (RM5.50)

Korean Green Tea (RM4.50/pot)

Here comes our brunch! 

Teriyaki Chicken Hotdog @ RM8.80 
There are 7 different types of hotdogs but we have no idea which to choose so we asked the waitress to recommend us and according to her, teriyaki chicken is one of the bestseller. 

Overall, the hotdog is really good. The bread is fluffy and they are super generous with the amount of teriyaki chicken on top of the sausage. Fyi, their sausage is homemade and you can really authenticity of the sausage along with the crunchy cucumbers and tomatoes. I would definitely come back for their hotdogs again! 

Kimchi soup @ RM12.50
The kimchi soup comes with a bowl of rice. I have to say that the kimchi soup was a let down. It was not spicy or anything close to the kimchijiggae that I normally have. Probably because it's a seafood kimchi soup so it tasted different. They have few other types of soup too besides the famous korean ginseng chicken soup and this kimchi soup. 

Traditional Dukbokki @ RM9.80 
Served with cabbage and the typical dukbokki gravy. Joeann and Jieyi love it(!) but somehow the texture was too chewy to my liking. It's worth a try and it's quite filling to have this dish alone so it's best to order one to share it among your friends (: 

The side dishes; since we are not having bbq so I was not surprised that we weren't serve with more side dishes. Love the one with glass noodles and potatoes (: 
Good thing about B-station is that it's halal! Cause there aren't many halal korean restaurants in KL, to begin with. And I have Malay friends who loves korean  food too, so it's a definitely a plus point. 
Overall, I think t's a really nice place for a catch up session or lunch/dinner with friends. The cafe really gives you a homey feeling and who doesn't love such pretty interior! Foodwise is still acceptable but I reckon that you shouldn't have high expectation. It's affordable as well. I also heard that the owner is friendly but I didn't have the chance to meet the couple. Maybe next time (: 

Last but not least, a shot of my #OOTD. 

B Station [HALAL]
Lot 10, Jalan AWF 1, Ampang WaterFront,
Taman Kosas, 68000 Ampang,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel No: 03-4280 2054
Operating Hours: Wed - Mon 12pm to 11pm (Closed on Tuesdays)



~Joeanney~ said...

I miss their hotdog :p

Small Kucing said...

The place looks so homey.....nice to go with friends

HerYuan Lau said...

omggg the interior of it so cuteee!


Cool pictures. Looks like a fun place!

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Mr Lonely said...

well, thanks for this sharing, now i only know this Waterfront place, before this i saw a friend update status on FB check in too~

HenRy LeE said...

noooo.... i want porkkkkk! :P Interior looks nice tho doesn't seems like a korean restaurant

sally said...

The interior is so prettyyyyyy! And i wanna try that traditional dukbokki!

SuFang (Careen) said...

it's so cute!! :) love the homely feel.