Friday, May 31, 2013

Burps & Giggles @ Ipoh

Greetings from across the sea! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Yes, I'm back at home now for my annual summer break YAY So hopefully I'll blog more often, now that I'm free.

Still remember my trip to Ipoh that I blogged not long ago? Well, if you remember, I did mention that I will blog Burps and Giggles in another separate post cause I had too many photos to share with you guys. Feast your eyes!

I came to know about this cafe from Kinkybluefairy and since then I tell myself I must visit this cafe. Cause it's seems like my kind of cafe. Even the quirky name of this cafe attracted me when I first heard it. While listing down places to visit in Ipoh, Burps & Giggles is definitely one of them. It actually took us quite some time to spot this place since we've never been there, even drive around the same area for 3 times before we found it. While walking to the cafe, we saw this interesting wall painting of Monroe.
I like the idea where a fusion of a local and western subjects are included in the painting. 

A sneak peek of the Lazy Lane through the side gate, perfect for lazy people like me :P It's actually Burps and Giggles backlane for those who prefer to dine al-fresco. 

Now this is something new cause I never knew Monroe's originates from City of Ipoh. 

Welcome to Burps & Giggles where it's okay for the girls to burp and the guys to giggles (≧∇≦) 

The wooden exterior reminds me of the bar in cowboy movies. 

Colourful vintage umbrellas on the ceiling!

The downside of this cafe would probably be the fact that they have no menu. So it's a bit inconvenient for patrons who are there for their first visit, at least that's how I felt.  This menu only provides some of their mains, while menu of burgers/pastries/dessert are at the other lot. 

Another part of their menu that is scribbled on chalkboards, I had to tilt my head to be able to read it. 
Just when you think that their exterior is intriguing, well you shall not miss their fascinating interior too. It's like a mini wonderland inside with more paintings and decoration to have an adventure, a gastronomic adventure I mean (; Come, lemme how you around!
In Burps & Giggles, they have a lot of these weird looking lamps too made with different types of material. As for this, it is made from lace and clothes.
The area with larger tables where we were seated cause there was 7 of us. 

What sexy legs you have there, oh wait it's actually a lampstand. 
Another rather amusing painting at the backlane hehe with a bag filled with real bra! :3

An indoor painting of another two plump ladies in bikini and hello serious looking ang moh c:
Food for thoughts. 

A cute sign that you'll see while on your way to the washroom *farts*

Another artistic painting of a lady. 

The bar. 

The only cafe where I've seen a tree inside of it. For pastries and dessert, to the right please. 

Group photo #1.
Really convenient to have big mirror inside the cafe as well, so we might as well make good use of it.

TWG Green Tea @ RM7.00/per pot 
Don't you like their flower look-alike teacups? 

Since we just had lunch, so we ordered a few different mains to share.
Reverend Mama @ RM15.00 // Bagel with smoked salmon and soft boiled egg. 
You know I can't resist smoked salmon, so I just had to order this one and I was quite delighted that they serve bagels. Happy to see a soft boiled egg on top too!

Close up of Revered Mama, and I must say they are quite generous with the portion of their smoked salmon. The serving was pretty thick, as you can see! With the ricotta cheese, pickles as well as another type of vege which I have no idea what it is (failed food blogger), it tasted really special and delectable overall although the bagel was not soft enough to my liking. 
Hazelnut Choc Crepe@ RM14.00
This was quite a let down, a tad too sweet and it's not really worth the price.
They have two types of crepe btw, savoury and sweet to accommodate different taste buds. 
Chocolate Brownie @ RM15.00
This, my friend, is what I will strongly recommend to all the sweet tooth out there! Cause all of us LOVE LOVE LOVE this brownie. 
Warm brownies with cold icecream in your mouth, just jizztastic! We wiped the plate clean in just a few seconds. We've been cafe hopping in Penang, finding the best brownies but somehow we found it in Ipoh. I'll definitely go back for more of their brownies, even looking at it now makes me drool. 
Spud with Smoke Salmon @ RM15.00 
Just so you know, spud is another name for potato. So this is just baked potato served with smoked salmon. I guess if you're a potato and salmon lover, you'll like this (:

See, I told you everyone love the brownies.  

Fries @ RM4.00 // I love how it's thick cut HEH
Another Monroe's painting spotted indoor. They sure love Monroe! 

Instead of papers or sticky notes, they use buku 555 for the patrons to leave messages. How unique!  

The beautiful ladies :3 

Weird lamp no #2, made from strings.
I just love the vintage vibe of the cafe. 
Weird lamp no #3, made from colourful zippers! 

Another one for the albuum, smile ladies (:

I then saw there's actually a flight of stairs that leads to a small corner on the first floor. So I head up and snap around as well.

Love this shot of me taken by Kew // You are confined to the walls build by yourself. 
They really make use of all the place they have, even if it's just a small area. Perhaps they do need all these space to accommodate more patrons during peak hours. 

Bicycle hanging in mid-air at the first floor.

Alright, one last group shot! :D

My signature Hilda-was-here feet photo! 

I've never expect to find such a cool concept cafe in Ipoh like seriously, since Ipoh is more renowned for its street food. It is officially in my favourite concept cafes list now where I can spend the whole day just sipping tea and reading a book. Burps & Giggles is a really nice spot to hang out with friends or to spend some personal time at any time of the day since it serves food that is suitable for any meals of the day. I'd love to try their burgers and tapas, probably on my next trip? (; I think their price is still affordable and reasonable, cause I wouldn't mind paying a little extra for the comfy and cosy ambiance as well. So if you're an Ipoh-ian or plan to visit Ipoh, don't forget to drop by Burps & Giggles to experience this cafe yourself. 

Burps & Giggles [HALAL]
93 & 95, Jalan Sultan Yussuf,
30000 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel No : +605-242 6188
Operating Hours : 8am – 8pm, closed on Tuesdays.
FB Page:
GPS Coordinates :4.596488,101.07733 (Estimated)
Directions : Directly behind of Ipoh Kong Heng in old town, Ipoh and beside Sekeping Kong Heng.

P/S: Feel free to share with me other nice cafes in Ipoh too!



HenRy LeE said...

lazy lane 30..... whateva!! so lazy

Diana Diane Teo said...

Cool. Before entering into this cafe, I can say I already fall in love for it. Nice place to chill with friends. =D

XCB said...

have been wanting to go this cafe for ages haha still havent got the chance =(

HerYuan Lau said...

everywhere is all abt cafe @@

Spectre Phang said...

I shall pay a visit soon

Small Kucing said...

LOL at the first photo

Yuh Jiun said...

So nice the environment!!! Bring me go :p haha

Anne Lee said...

I'm surprise that no bian dai lao go and steal the bra. and all these arts remind me of your penang trip.

Xue Ren said...

i love the deco most!!! so pretty!!! :D

domokun said...

ahhhh so special one their decorations>< so vintage and unique! Will visit there if i have a chance>< btw i love big cut fries too haha

p/s: the matching grey outfits right it happened by mere coincidence hahaa i didnt realise that until u mention though XP

Ken Wooi said...

Interesting.. I drove by this place so many times when I go back to Ipoh, but never stopped by before. :)

ChibiNeko said...

Oh wow you sure go to really interesting places *_* *follows you*

Henry Tan said...

the next time i go sure must visit this cafe!! so niceee! =D

sally said...

You're making me miss the food there :( said...

The place looks very interesting ! I like how they put all the things together in embellishing the place.. :D