Friday, June 7, 2013

When life gives you lemon,

...makes warm lemon water :D
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Since I'm on holiday now, I've been reading up a lot about healthy diet/food/recipes and I stumbled upon an article of the benefits of lemon water. So lately, I've started to make myself a nice cup of warm lemon water for breakfast besides the usual hot green tea after realising that the wonders lemon water can do to your body. 

Most of us might think that lemon is an acidic food for the body but it's actually one of the most alkalizing foods for the body. Sure, they are acidic on their own, but inside our bodies they’re alkaline. By drinking lemon water regularly, you will reduce your body’s overall acidity. It also has been shown that people who maintain a more alkaline diet lose weight faster.

Just to share if with you guys the few benefits of lemon water;
  1. Aids in weight loss. I guess most girls would love this! :P The high level of pectin fiber in lemon helps to fight hunger cravings.  
  2. Boost your immune system with vitamin C and potassium. 
  3. Helps in digestion. The digestive qualities of lemon juice help to relieve symptoms of indigestion, such as heartburn, belching and bloating 
  4. Cleanses your system as lemon is a natural diuretic. It helps to flush out unwanted materials/toxins in your body and increase the rate of urination in the body.
  5. Clears your skin too! The vitamin C component as well as other antioxidants helps decrease wrinkles and blemishes. 
Fair enough? And it's really simple to prepare it as well. All you need is lukewarm (not scalding hot) water and lemons. You would want to avoid ice cold water, since that can be a lot for your body to process and it takes more energy to process ice cold water than the warm. Always use fresh lemons, not bottled lemon juice. I squeeze 1/2 a lemon with each glass and I drink it down first thing before I eat a single thing, or workout.

Never underestimate that yellow sour fruit anymore. A cup of lemon water a day, keeps the doctor away too. I've looked into why this is recommended and after what I've learned, I’m making lemon water a regular habit (: Do you drink lemon water everyday too? If not, why not give it a try too?



soulesscloudy said...

yeah.. i heard Lemon Water very good also.. Yet to try due to lazy...

~Joeanney~ said...

Make for me can?

Henry Tan said...

but i dont like it warm! haha and i dont like sour. >.< can i just drink cold honey lemon? =p

XCB said...

im trying to practice the good habit of drinking lemon water too! but sometimes i just forgot about it

Xue Ren said...

yeah yeah! i bring lemon water to uni everyday! :D

HerYuan Lau said...

i read abt articles abt lemon too!

Merryn said...

I love to add a slice of lemon into my drinking water.

foongpc said...

Yes, I love lemons! Drinking lemon water everyday and sometimes add it with honey and apple cider vinegar : )