Thursday, June 6, 2013

Brown is the new black!

When I say brown, what would be the first thing that come through your mind? Chocolate? Brownies?  Potato? Chocolate ice cream?! Since I'm a foodie, thus most of the things I can relate to is food :P

Little did we realise that most of the things, even the little things around us are actually brown in colour. Even the trees and the sand at the beach, isn't it? Since I'm currently in a eat clean diet, I noticed that most healthy food comes in brown too, putting the greens aside HEH To list a few, brown sugar, wheat bread, mixed nuts and brown rice. Not to forget, my fave peanut butter as well.  
Source: Google

Even when it comes to accessories and cosmetics, normally my first choice would be brown cause it's easier to match with my outfit and never goes out of trend. Plus, it gives people a more approachable and friendly vibe. Don't you think? Recently, I've won a Kiss Me Mascara in lovely brown from a blog giveaway and I can't wait to try it out.
Brown hair, brown contact lens and if you look harder, I had glittery brown eyeshadows on too! *winks* 
Since all the good things comes in brown, Samsung has limited edition Note II that comes in brown too and it's not any typical brown, it's AMBER BROWN! If you're a fan of brown, well I'm sure you won't want to miss this out. Besides, not everyone owns a brown phone you see.
Unlike the previous Pastel Pink and Ruby Red which is more favorable towards the female smartphones users, this amber brown is suitable for both male and female :D 
Glossy brown with a hint of wood texture; oh so warm and elegant.
If you were to say that brown is dull and boring, well I beg to differ cause brown has always been the colour of physical comfort, simplicity and quality.

To know more about this sleek Amber Brown Samsung Note II, just hop on to their website or FB page  for more details or you can just visit the nearest Samsung retail outlets to experience it yourself. And oh, don't forget to check out this video by BryanLimTV too, about a genuine and timeless friendship just like the Amber Brown Samsung Note II (:

BrownPeace out!☮


HerYuan Lau said...

galaxy note 2 got more and more colour arr!

mochirou said...

gjkdjhgkdfjghk!! my favourite colourrrrrrrr~ hurhurhurrr. its true. woody brown would be all time nice. *U* samsunggg why you making people hesitate to buy new phones. lol. -__- too many choices.