Saturday, July 20, 2013

Customize your own Vanity Trove!

The viral fever of beauty boxes started somewhere early this year (or was it end of 2012) and surprisingly it' is still going strong which you can obviously notice in most of the beauty blogs nowadays. You name it, they have it. Different brands of beauty boxes are continuously striving to improve themselves in terms of quality and appearance in order to provide the best products and service for their customers. Speaking of which, I guess VanityTrove needs no further introduction and it's such a pleasure collaborating with them over the past few months (again, I just have to say it). Looking forward to working closer with them for sure! They have achieved over 100 beauty brand partnerships, over 10,000 new activities on in the past week and still growing! Now that they are more than halfway through this year, they have launched a new smart system, bringing these beauty boxes to a whole new level. They present you.....the *drum roll please* ALL NEW Customizable VanityTrove! Yes, I repeat, customizable! Wanna know how? Well, you just have to keep reading (:

VanityTrove recommends the products best suited for you according to your beauty profile and preferences. You are then able to pick and choose your beauty samples(!) from a wide array of beauty samples selection to go into your personalised trove. And it's not just three or four products, but 6 beauty products for the price of RM50. Now you don't get to complain getting products that you don't fancy since  you get to decide and select the products yourself. Win-win for all, how bout that? (; 

Alright, let's get started by just following these few simple steps below. First thing first, create an account (if you haven't have one) and complete your beauty profile to see some recommended products suited for you. Click HERE. You will be prompted to fill up your beauty profile by answering a few simple questions like their skin types, hair types and etc. Once you've done filling up those necessary deets, you will brought to a product selection page, which is probably the best part of the entire beauty discovery journey. 

Been aiming on certain beauty products for so long but it's not available? Well, you can add them to your wishlist, like the brand as well as the product. By doing so, it helps to unlock more samples for you, you will then be able to pick these samples when they are released! Like they say, good things come to those who wait (;

See the red box I highlighted? Yeap, that's the button to add the product into your wishlist. 

Now that you've choose your items, now you can anticipate in delight for your personalized trove to be delivered to your doorstep within 7 working days.

Well, if you are using a particular product, you can add it to your beauty table and write a reivew about it, telling us more in depth of what you feel about the product you've used cause Vanity Trove hopes to help you relive the moment and deliver the same pleasant experience again!

This is how your profile looks like, it works like a Facebook page but filled with beauty products.  

Last but not least, VanityTrove will be introducing new phase of beauty discovery whereby you will be able to check out the latest happenings of people you follow on VanityTrove. Be sure to also follow people of your interest to know what is up with their beauty regime! Time to invite your friends to join as well, the more the merrier! Read up on their latest reviews, brand likes and product likes, products they wish for.

So have you register for your personalized trove? I can't wait for mine to arrive! 

For more information, feel free the check out the links below;

Happy customizing guys!

P/S: Speaking of which, I haven't even have the time to blog about the July Trove yet so stay close to my blog for it.



HerYuan Lau said...

waaa. so nice can customize le! customer can choose which they like!

Anne Lee said...

like a beauty treasure bank!!

Henry Tan said...

lol tough business with getting more and more competition, so they have to innovate to come out with this! good one!

Cathy Ng said...

can i get one too? hahaha

Qi Wen said...

That is actually way better compared to not knowing what they will send to us :) But, RM50/month not very cheap as well for me..

Merryn said...

Ahh.. can customize. that's way cooler now!