Thursday, August 29, 2013

Stay protected with SuhadaFit UV Sunscreen!

Staying in a country which is summer all year long, we do love the sun a lot, do we? At least for me! I love love love sunny days, they just make my days extra better ☼ Yet I wonder how many of you include sunscreen in your daily skincare routine? And no, I'm not talking about skincare products that are formulated with SPF. With sunscreen applied daily, you can get a 50 percent decrease in the risk of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer #fact According to Renée Rouleau, a skincare expert, she recommends sun protection as the number #1 anti-anti product to her clients. Not only is it good for your health, it actually prevents premature wrinkles, reduces the chances of getting sun spots and hyperpigmentation.

With so many brands of sunscreen in the market, you would probably be having a hard time in selecting the right sunscreen. Yet the most common thing that people would pay attention to is definitely the value of the SPF, ain't I right? Now let me tell you, the basic rules of math don't apply to SPF numbers. SPF numbers is a measurement of the protection a sunscreen offers against UVB rays. And here's a tip for you, you should look out for a sunscreen that also protects against ultraviolet A (UVA) rays, that penetrate deeper into the skin and are the culprits in premature aging and wrinkling of the skin. In short, UVB rays are rays that cause sunburn while UVA rays are rays that cause skin wrinkling, leathering and other signs of sun damage. In order to know if the sunscreen protects you against UVA rays as well, look out for PA rating that ranges from PA+, PA++ or PA+++. Of course, the more plus symbols the label has, the more protection the sunscreen provides against UVA rays. Well, this is something rather new for me too!

I used to be one of those who actually can't be bothered to use sunscreen since I spend most of my time indoor and partly cause I'm lazy to put it on. As a result, I have freckles on my face. Until recently, I've started using sunscreen after knowing the ugly truth. 
Courtesy of KissMe, I get to try out their latest facial sunscreens; SuhadaFit UV Daily Milk and SuhadaFit Water Gel. As you can see, both sunscreens are of different kinds and different SPF value yet they both have the highest PA ratings. 
This is the SuhadaFit UV Water Gel (SPF 30, PA+++) which is more suitable to be used on daily basis be it driving to university or work. It blocks intense UV rays which can prevents blotches and freckles caused by sunburn. Formulated with moisturizing ingredients, it keeps the skin fresh and moisturized as the same time too. 
As the name suggests, it feels like water on the skin. It spreads smoothly and turns transparent on application, and I find my skin absorbs it pretty fast too. Even though it's a gel type, it's light in texture and the best part is, it doesn't leave any sticky residue! And oh, it doesn't come with a strong smell, just a mild fresh citrus-like scent. 
Feeling all refreshed on the right after rubbing it on my face (:  Just so you know, it can be used as a makeup base as well. I don't usually wear make up to class or when I'm on my clinical posting so most days, I would just apply it after my toner and moisturizer. I've been using it for a week now and I realised that it doesn't make my face oily even after a long day. I even bring it along to the hospital so that I can reapply it so I don't have to worry about being exposed to dangerous rays everyday. 

SuhadaFit UV Daily Milk (SPF50+, PA+++) on the other hand is more of a  perfect use for any sort of activity under the sun like swimming, jogging or even photoshoot. It is milk base type and it quickly absorbs into the skin but leaves it soft and comfortable. 
As you can see, it's slightly watery compared to the water gel. Thus, it's lightweight and feels smooth on the skin. Similar to Water Gel, it comes with a fresh fruit like scent too. Daily UV also consists of Zinc Oxide which is good for those who have sensitive skin and are prone to breakouts. It’s gentle, won’t clog the pores, offers excellent UV protection and never leaves the skin feeling greasy. Now you don't have to worry about feeling yucky or discomfort even if you sweat with the sunscreen on. Bet it's also a good companion to bring along to the beach and the pool! 
Like I mentioned earlier, makeup and skincare products that are formulated with SPF does not give you the consistency in texture and concentration in quantity needed to protect your skin completely. So it's still best to use a daily dose of sunscreen that gives your skin full protection. 
Both SuhadaFit UV Water Gel and Daily Milk are now available at selected Guardian pharmacies at only RM32.90! A good investment I would say (; Don't hesitate to get yours today!

You will probably regret not having worn sunscreen when you look at your skin looking older than your actual age in 30 years to come compared to those who wore sunscreen, so start practising today before it's too late. It's totally fine if you're a guy, if you love your skin, you should use it too :P 

I hope you find this post helpful. Feel free to share with me your thoughts about sunscreen too (: 



Jo Ern said...

hello hilda! can I ask where you got them from?

HerYuan Lau said...

how isit if compare to sunplay? which do u prefer?

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

The milky one looks more watery than the water gel.

Anne Lee said...

is it applicable for water sports?

Čღήήϊє LCW said...

Just wondering this sunscreen suitable for oily based skin?

Smallnhot Sarah said...

Sound promising..I shall get one for myself too then...

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