Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Summer Paradise

.... that came late. It was sort of a last minute plan cause we only started planning it on Whatsapp's group chat the evening before. Well, it all started during our Saturday brunch date a week ago, where Belinda suggested that we should have a trip to the beach since the four of us are now on Raya holiday which was like 2 weeks ago which makes this post an outdated one. Ever since we started degree, we hardly have the same holidays together cause Belinda and Elin are in the different faculty from Joeann and I. So we thought we should totally go for this trip that we've been wanting to since ages. But then which beach? Belinda suggested Port Dickson but then we were like does PD even have nice beaches? Cause from what we heard, PD has really dirty beach. So then we did some research bla bla bla, chose one of the resorts in PD and off we go on our very first road trip together YAYYY

We are supposed to leave around 8am and as usual, one of us is late so we left around 9am instead. So the journey took around one hour to reach PD and thank God for such a lovely weather ☼

Once we've reached, we headed to the pool straight cause we ain't got time to waste! 
We even have the whole infinity pool that faces the sea to ourselves #likeaboss

Beach chairs with complimentary towel each. 

Canopy beds for you to suntan. 

The 3km stretch of private beach, thus it's clean and beautiful. I can't believe that the water is actually blue. 

Such gorgeous view, isn't it? I could get use to waking up to such a view everyday #daydream
 People even think that I'm in Bali when I posted this photo on my FB teehee

My must-haves for a purrrrfect beach-day! 

...and of course props for us to take photo too HEHE #girlsbeinggirls
Elin even brought along her portable bluetooth speaker which is super duper useful. We can blast our own music like nobody business. 

Tortilla chips with nacho cheese sauce that Elin brought along (: 

The beach is way nicer in reality compared to the photos I took, it's like literally fifty shades of blue. 

Catching some sun and embracing the sea breeze (:

Oh yeah, there's no mobile phone signal at all (I'm using DiGi btw) by the beach but surprisingly, there's free wifi provided with pretty good connection so fret not. You can still stay connected to the virtual world while you're sun-tanning or what not. 

Wonder what were they doing? 

I zoomed in and caught them selca-ing HAHAHA #girlsbeinggirls

So I joined in the fun :P 

View of the sandy beach, too bad the sand ain't white but it's soft.
Most of the people (mainly family) would spend their morning at the beach rather than the pool, it seems. 

The restaurant beside the infinity pool but it was closed.  
There's a small exit to access to the beach from the restaurant as well. 

After spending roughly an hour getting some sun, it's time to dip in the pool. 

Yeah, I brought my colourful ponies along too (x

But first, you'll have to have a pool jump shot HEH

We headed down to the beach around 2pm. It was pretty cloudy and the wind was so strong, it even rained for a while. We were supposed to be having a picnic at the beach (I even brought a picnic mat), but we were too tired after that. There's always next time anyways HEH

My signature I-was-here feet shot. 

The four of us just sit there in the sea and let the waves hit us over and over again.  

And the never ending drama continues...two superheroes trying to defeat each other. 

yet ended up being a team and fly away LOL 

and as for me, just flying solo HAHAHA 

and showing my non existing muscles MUEHEHE

After that, we went to the huge-ass communal pool for another dip. 

The pool is 2.5 deep at this point of view, so we just hang out by the side of the pool.
Then we smell something in the air.... OMG POPCORN!
We swam to the poolside bar, wanting to buy some but the waiters generously gave us three cones of popcorn for FREE.  

It was way better than GSC or TGV popcorn!
Sweet, caramelized, and crunchy cause the popcorn was just freshly popped :DDDDD 

Om nom nom like a happy fat kid. 

The communal pool from another angle. It's really huge and there's a slide at the other side. 

There's a mini jacuzzi too but we didn't get to use it, too tired and we realised it after we showered.

The Kids' Wet Play Zone. 

Spacious tropical garden, where you can roll around :P I think I can just lie there whole there and stare at the clouds. Good place to have a garden wedding, just so you know. 

By now, you must be wondering where on earth in PD we were actually at. 

It's Thistle Port Dickson Resort, a lavish beachside hotel in Teluk Kemang. Besides the pools and private beach, it has a nine-hole golf course, three restaurants, two bars, a superb Fitness Centre & LifeSpa, SWAT camp, water sports and two floodlit tennis courts, all set in a 36 hectar tropical landscaped garden.

All in all, it's a luxurious and serene place to have a getaway that is away from the hustle and bustle; my ideal getaway. I love how the place is really clean and well-maintained. Why didn't we know such place exist much earlier LOL It was not that crowded, probably cause it was during weekdays and the fasting month.  

It was a well spent getaway with my lovelies albeit brief. But no worries, cause we'll definitely come back for sure, soon. 
Thistle Port Dickson & Spa 
KM16 Jalan Pantai, Teluk Kemang,
71050 Si Rusa,
Port Dickson.
Tel No: +606 648 2828

Take me back, take me back.
Oh yeah, back to summer paradise 
— Summer Paradise by Simple Plan 



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Loving the black and white!

Argh! I wanna end this posting shit thing right away!! I'm so gonna go right after our posting!!!!

Loving the superhero shot, heh heh :P

SuFang (Careen) said...

the superhero shots are awesome! and you are so slim now! thumbs up sexay! ;D

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sexy girls with bikini :D

Carolyn Tay said...

Nice place :D !! I wanna go here!

snoopy said...

OMG so fun! the time i went was a disaster. =__=

Jessy said...

I would love to give it a try...was looking for a short getaway beach venue but couldn't find any.

Anyway love all the shots! very nice!

HenRy LeE said...

Nothing beats having nachos and cheese dip under the sun next to the pool! :D

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where can I buy the nanchoz cheese sauce.. i want that.. try to search high and low.. also cant get

soulesscloudy said...

awesome resort.. i want to go.. the pool damn nice..

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wah...makes me wana go there are the rates? are they affordable? and the beach looks nicer than what I've heard about PD beaches :p

Qi Wen said...

this is so cool!!

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You looks so hot with bikini :) nice body shape, anyway this place is so nice !!!

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love the action shots haha <3