Wednesday, September 18, 2013


It's been a week since my clinical posting ended yet it's been quite a busy week with class and my birthday  (will definitely blog about it soon) and all HEH 

It was Malaysia Day last Monday and all Malaysians are totally diggin' it cause it's a public holiday, including us as well cause we get to have a day off from clinical. It was also a memorable date for one of our classmates cause it was her engagement day! :D I remembered clearly back in 2011 when they were just started dating, we were randomly talking about when will the engagement and wedding be, can't believe it's for REAL now. This is actually my first time attending my friend's engagement ceremony, an Indian-Muslim engagement ceremony to be exact. I know it's not even a wedding ceremony but it makes me teary too (': I'm just happy for her. Congrats once again Kashifa and her fiancee. Wishing both of you many happy days in return together ♥

The beautifully decorated hantaran(s) from both sides. 

The pelamin. 

We were served with Nasi Briyani for lunch! 
God knows how long I've been craving for Nasi Briyani and I finally get to have it *rubs tummy* The beef curry was real good., the only thing I had with my nasi briyani.  

Om nom nom noms. 

Excuse the messy plate :P 
The HKL gang  ((((: 
So they actually have this sugar-feeding ceremony whereby the relatives and guests have to feed the bride and groom with sugar and shower them with blessing and good wishes. 

The gorgeous bride to be (: 
Love the dress, it's like a combination of sari and baju kurung. 
Group shot #1

Group shot #2

Never knew I can pull off this look quite well tsk tsk *self praise
and yes, we have to remove our shoes before entering the hall so that's why I was barefooted.
The girls from Cohort 4 :D
Me, in a pretty awkward pose cause I thought there was someone behind me. 

Another one with Dodo wearing her Nigerian traditional costume proudly :P

 Y U SO cuteee (:

Group #OOTD photo :D
Compulsory photo with the bride. 
Last but not least, thanks for having us for your engagement ceremony! Looking forward to attend your big day with the whole Cohort.


Small Kucing said...

Lovely. Congratulations to your friend

HerYuan Lau said...

waaa. got friend engage de! wish them stay happy forever!