Monday, September 30, 2013

Coffee Société @ Publika

After Kash's engagement ceremony, we decided to find a place to chill since we don't feel like heading back to hostel yet. So I suggested Publika, cause it's been a year since my last visit and I've been seeing lots of reviews about the cafes there. It seems like cafes that serve coffee with coffee art is like the new in thing right now, previously was burger joints opening everywhere lol well if you know me, you should know I'm not a coffee person (cause I can't stand the bitterness of coffee and I hate when my pee stinks oops that's too much of information HAHA) but for the sake of coffee art, I wouldn't mind ordering a cup of coffee HAHA IKR (please don't judge me lol) Unless they have green tea latte or tea latte with art on it, that would definitely be my first choice. But honestly I always have this thing for quaint coffee cafe and the fragrant aroma of coffee beans when you enter a cafe is just ahhh, irresistible. 

The place was packed when we got there, probably cause it was a public holiday as well so we have no choice but to settle at this long counter table that was facing the road. Good thing they have this huge colourful umbrella to shade us. 

Iced blended Cappucino  - RM11.00
I feel that it would be better if they serve the coffee in a glass instead of a plastic cup.
Hazelnut Hot Chocolate - RM12.00The smell and taste of the hazelnut was pretty strong but it was too sweet for Joeann's liking.  

Iced Hazelnut Latte - RM11.00

Piccolo Latte - RM6.90
I couldn't decide what coffee to order so I scrolled through the tips that people posted on Foursquare to see if there is any good recommendation. I ended up with this small cup of Piccolo Latte that comes with a pretty coffee art and floral printed saucer. Took almost 10 minutes to get a few shots of it before taking my first sip #asianatwork It was indeed the perfect cup of coffee for beginners. I would rate this latte in the mild bitter category and it was still good to my liking. I didn't add any sugar it in though. 
And how can we not have a group shot :P 

Group shot #2 

An attempt of artsy coffee shot, #macamyes not? HEH

Oh, just so you know, they have FREE FLOW of coffee after 6pm till late on Friday and Saturday for RM10 nett! So, if you would love to have a chilling night over cups of coffee with your friends, feel free to try them out. It's totally worth it, I would say for those who are hardcore coffee drinkers. 

Stools with road signs on it, how cool 8D
It's definitely a good place for coffee and gathering with friends who equally enjoy coffee, though it maybe quite noisy if you were to sit indoors. They do serve tea and other beverages too. I'll see myself visiting them again to try out their breakfast menu! 

So are you one of those coffee lovers that go around hunting for cafe like this too? I actually have a list of cafes that I will love to try out but do share with me which is your favourite (:

Coffee Société 
Publika, Block D4, Level G3,
Unit 3A, Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6211 5523



HerYuan Lau said...

me too! i dont crazy over coffee cause i find it too bitter!

HenRy LeE said...

i like coffee societe for their free flow of coffee but i dont like publika... hahahah! :D