Wednesday, October 30, 2013

GUMMÍ Designer Nail Wraps

Remember the nail wraps that I saw in the beauty expo earlier this month? I promised a full post about it, so here it is! 

Established in June 2013, GUMMÍ NAILS is a Singapore based designer nail wrap label that are inspired by runway and global trends. It aims to design and build an exciting wardrobe for nails so they will never go naked again, bring nail revolution to a new level! These high quality nail are all made with love and manufactured in Korea. I can assure you that they are super easy to use and last up to ten days, with no heating lamp or drying time required.  
Their booth at the 2013 KLCC Beauty Expo.
These are the few designs from their Fall 2013 collection.
My favourite are the B is for Banana (top most left), Pretty in Pink Aztec (bottom most left) and If You Like Piña Coladas (bottom most right). 

Customers who get to try out the nail wraps, pretty isn't it? 
The founder of GUMMÍ NAILS, Ms Wai Xiao Wen and I at the beauty expo.
Had a quick chat with her, she's super bubbly in person and I never expected her to give me the opportunity to try out the nail wraps myself! Thanks so much again (':

It was really tough choosing two different designs cause I love all of them! In the end, I settled with Third Eye and Hey Girl from the Girls Night Out Collection. 

Each GUMMÍ NAILS kit comes with 20 nail wraps and a mini nail file. For application, all you need is just a base coat, top coat and 3 simple steps (:  You can check out their tutorial video on their Youtube channel too. 

#1. Apply a layer base coat on all of your fingers. Make sure they are dry before applying the nail wraps. 

#2. Pick the nail wrap that best fits each nail, lay it flat and press it tightly.

#3. Shape it and file down to get rid of the excess. Lastly, apply a layer of top coat to seal the nail wrap. 

Before | After
So what do you think? (;
The banana nail wrap has been there for almost 3 weeks (speaking of long-lasting) and I was still pretty reluctant to remove it :P As you can see, the nail wraps still creases cause it's my first time trying out nail wraps, hopefully it gets better after a few practices HEH


| Close up |

Verdict: Loving how it turns my dull looking nails so attention seeking! My friends grabbed my hands when they noticed I had them on the next day and I am totally flattered with the compliments I've been getting *flips hair What I love the most about their nail wraps was their quirky designs and vibrant colours. Their one of a kind designs definitely make them stand out from the other nail wraps that are in the market. They even have fancy names for each design, how cute :D 
[Clockwise] Candy Beach, Hey Girl, Jungle Fever & Monster Ink (totally perfect for Halloween!) 
Recently, they have just launched the new 100% nail polish wrap for their Holiday 2013 collection.
The new GUMMÍ NAILS is made from actual nail polish, a 3-in- 1 layer of base coat, colour coat and topcoat to give you the perfect manicure in just 15 minutes! Not just that, they can gently stretch to fit any nail shape and size to minimize unwanted creases. The new GUMMÍ NAILS can lasts up to 14 days and you can easily remove it with nail polish remover.

These are the four new designs for their Holiday 2013 collection;
Winter Wonderland | Clown | Royal Flush 

P/S: Christmas is around the corner, Winter Wonderland would be a good choice to prettify your nails and just so you know, they are available in limited quantites. The pink area reflected on the nails is actually transparent. Now you can have snowflakes and snowman on your nails!

| Don't be Silly |
One of the designs in the Holiday Collection as well, it's a special edition nail wraps, collaboration of  a Singapore Fashion Label Depression X GUMMÍ. Don’t Be Silly features two sets of 10 different nail wraps, a man and a woman for each hand. The unisex vibe and deadpan allow guys to try out nail wraps too! Who says nail wraps is just a girl thing? 

Wanna feel all swag with these funky nail wraps? Priced at SGD16 each, you can purchase them online with S$8.00 registered international shipping (they ship worldwide!) or fret not, you can get them in Malaysia too from  Black Button or Cool Costumes which is located in Time Square. 

For more deets and updates about their latest collection, feel free to drop by;



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