Friday, November 8, 2013

Dao Kia Soy Dessert

Oh hey, hope I'm not too late to wish you guys Happy November! It has been great so far with me lazing at home for my one week break. This trip back home was decided just a month ago when I found out that the air tickets are cheaper than usual, thanks to AirAsia for the promo :P How can you say no when you get to fly home even if it's just for a while?! But it seems like my sole reason flying home was mainly to satisfy my Sarawak food craving, bad I know. 

As the title suggests, I'm obviously not gonna blog about my holiday but about this new dessert place I tried out with the bunch some day last month. To be honest, I didn't know about this new soy dessert cafe until Dao Kia emailed me. Dao Kia was founded in Singapore and their first outlet was opened last November in Kota Damansara. Initially I was curious about what Dao Kia actually means (I can hardly pronounce it correctly either HAHA) until I later found out that it is actually 豆仔 pronounced in Hokkien. No direct translation of 豆仔but it's a nickname given to the founder by his family as he is always experimenting various recipes of these soy dessert in the kitchen. It's good to have something different than the overrated Taiwanese shaved ice dessert, I was pretty excited to try them out.

I love how their menu is nicely illustrated and colourful. 

Introducing Dao Kia's signature dessert; flavoured soy milk puddings!
There are four flavours available; Original, Japanese Green Tea, Coconut Bliss and Creamy Almond respectively. Occasionally, they have seasonal flavours too. Previously they have Teh Tarik flavour (too bad I missed it) and as for now they have Chocolate Mocha flavour.

The puddings are light and really smooth. Every spoonful of it  just melts in your mouth SLURPSSS
If you're a big fan of almond, you'll definitely enjoy the creamy almond cause of the strong and fragant taste. And as for the refreshing coconut bliss, there's nothing extra ordinary about it. Since I'm a green tea person, it's pretty obvious that I prefer the japanese green tea the most. It's one of the bestseller too, after the original flavoured soy pudding. Most importantly, their puddings are not too sweet, just nice to my liking. A dessert that is suitable for the young and old, don't you think? 
Since they ran out of the original flavoured soy milk pudding that day, we only get to try the sample size ones but it's good enough! I love the rich taste of the soy milk, very creamy and milky indeed.

P/S: Feel free to ask for samples when you drop by at Dao Kia :D 

(L-R) Creamy Almond Soy Milk, Japanese Green Tea Soy Smoothie, Original Soy Smoothie.
Their Almond Soy Milk doesn't have the strong almond taste compared to the pudding so it's still acceptable for me. As for their smoothies, I was expecting something more chunky but it turns out to be smooth and fine in texture compared to the smoothies out there. Apparently, customers like it that way. I guess it all depends on individual's preferences (: 

This says it all; perfect for the health-conscious consumers out there. I was told that the soy beans used for their dessert are organic. So if you're craving for sweet dessert yet having the need to watch on your  diet, this would be a good alternative. 

And oh, they serve my fave glutinous rice balls too. Pretty huge in size I would say and generous with the fillings too. 3 chewy glutinous balls are served in each bowl with their hot piping signature soy milk. 

Available in three different flavours and my favourite has got to be the molten peanut! Couldn't have enough of these om nom nomss

They have these wacky props on the table for you to take photo with. Perhaps you can share it on your instragram and if you do, don't forget to hashtag #daokia HEH :3

I can haz mustache too in conjunction with Movember :{D
Thanks again for such warm hospitality, we definitely enjoyed our soy dessert experience in Dao Kia!

We were too stuffed after lunch and the dessert earlier so we didn't get to try these cute steamed buns.
It's pretty easy to locate them, just find for the big Dao Kia signage (: but they have quite limited seats and I noticed most of the patrons take away their dessert. 

They have outlets in Tropicana City Mall & Kota Damansara as well and another one opening soon in Sunway Pyramid. Come grab your delectable and refreshing soy dessert at the nearest Dao Kia today, happiness guaranteed (; 

Dao Kia 
Lower Ground Floor - LGK 103 (Besides Crazy Potato & Each A Cup)
Food Street Promenate
One Utama Shopping Center.
Contact No : 03-7733 8364
Operating Hours: Opens daily including Public Holidays.
Official FB Page:


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Ahhhh, craving for this now :((

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Now only I know you're from Sarawak.

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lol silly name they have! dao kia! is like i call u hil kia! hahaha

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one utama too far away from my place :(

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