Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hideaki's Lim Organic Cyber Horse Cheongsam Collection

In just a blink of an eye, CNY is coming to an end T__T How's the year of Horse treating you guys so far?

Last month, I was invited to the media preview of Hideaki's Lim Organic Cyber Horse Cheongsam Collection with my blogger friends and members of the media at Hotel Royal, Kuala Lumpur.

Hideaki Lim is a well-known cyber fashion designer in the fashion industry for the past 23 years. To him, cyber fashion is not merely conveyed by the futuristic design of his clothing line but also the technology used in the fabrics of his clothing line. The Year of Horse is a special year for Hideaki as he himself was born in the Year of Horse as well. So this lunar new year, he came up with a collection of cheongsam, featuring three different designs. 

Four celebrity models who showcased Hideaki's collection that day was (L-R) Winnie K, a recording artist, Tiffany Hew, 1st runner-up of Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2007, Chelsea Chil, Miss Malaysia Queen of the World as well as Carol Lee, Mrs Universe 2013 and TV3 midnight newscaster. 

His first set of collection takes into consideration of his keen support in saving the environment by using recyclable and affordable material that is not harmful to the skin. This set uses organic fabric specially imported from India, that uses colouring from fruits and vegetables.

One of the unique characteristic of this collection is that the outfits is reversible to a different colour to achieve a different look as you mix and match them.

Live hairdo demo by Peekaboo's hairstylist, Jefferey on stage to achieve another look.

And voila, you can have another look by just replacing the vest with a collar. 
His second sets features 4 different cyber cheongsam made of lycra, bringing a subtle taste of the future to today.

So tell me, which design is your favourite? :D 
Last but not least, in conjunction with the Year of Horse, Hideaki incorporates the horse element into his third collection where this collection is made with blue and silver silk, decorated with hand drawn horse and calligraphy.

Doing some final touch on the outfit on the stage. 

A group shot of Hideaki Lim with the beautiful models and sponsors that makes the media preview a success, namely LS (Stem Cells Series), Sankon, EJS and Deli.
Hair and make-up of the day is by Pee-Ka-Boo. 

In addition, Hotel Royal also takes this opportunity to have a round of lou-sang session with all the media representatives and sponsors to wish health, wealth and happiness in this year of Horse to everyone who are present that day.

Huattttttt ah! The higher you toss, the better! 

And of course, we didn't miss the opportunity to toss the yee sang too! :DDDD

Wishing you all a prosperous year ahead! 

Interested to check out more of Hideaki's designs? Hop on to (:



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