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Skin Rejuvenation Treatment @ Clique Clinic SS2

Hey guys!

I  finally have the luxury to sit down and blog after weeks of hiatus! The past few weeks has been crazily hectic, flew home a day after submitting my research proposal and flying back to KL again after only spending 5 days at home for my CNY break. In case you didn't know, I'm currently in Kuantan for my final clinical posting. I'm still adapting to this new environment but all is well so far, just that the internet connection at the place I'm currently staying is pretty wonky and sometimes it doesn't even work, thus I'm unable to update much T__T 

Alright, back to the post where everyone has been asking me about :D So yeah, I had the opportunity to try out two different treatments at Clique Clinic, SS2 earlier last month; which is the skin toning facial procedure and skin rejuvenation treatment respectively. 

Healthy looking skin starts with basic skincare routine which includes a cleanser, moisturizer, treatment products and sunscreen. These skincare products are essential for skin to look and feel at its best but the truth is we cannot repair past damage or avoid wrinkles (every female's biggest nightmare!) from forming. Skin Toning Facial Procedure By Medlite C6 Q-Switched Laser is the safest, quick and non-surgical way to effectively minimize the wrinkles and spots in any skin type. This procedure targets skin irregularities without adversely affecting the epidermal layer, offering a softer, smoother, brighter complexion. Recommended for people with hyper pigmentation, post acne hyperpigmentation, Melasma, uneven skin tones/whitening, unrefined pores, and birthmarks. It helps in collagen regeneration, removes tattoo even those with multi-color and for vascular wound treatment.  

How does it work? As we age, collagen breaks down and cause lines and wrinkles. Sun exposure damages collagen too, and can cause pigment problems, uneven skin tone and rough or leathery texture. With this skin toning treatment, the laser uses a precise wavelength of light energy to target underneath the skin and stimulate collagen production at the source. As new collagen is produced, lines and wrinkles are reduced. Studies indicate laser therapy also help in creating a refreshed appearance, smoother texture, more even skin tone and a decrease in pore size. 

People pretty much freak out when they heard the word laser but most lasers that are used in skin toning are non-ablative, meaning that it is safe and will not damage the skin's surface. The energy is very selective and it targets only the collagen fibre, hair and pigment. The whole procedure takes up to approximately 20 mins for a full face and the best part is that it requires NO downtime which means you can continue your normal skincare routine even after the treatment. There is minimal discomfort and a very low risk of complications.  
I had my face cleansed first prior to the treatment. 

Dr. Lim then explained to me about the whole procedure and its benefits. It's pretty normal to feel nervous for every first timer, I guess. I had no idea what to expect and how is it gonna be like but just like everyone else, the first question that I asked was 'Will it be painful?' Being the expert in this field for the past decade, Dr. Lim did a really good job in assuring me that he will not ruin my face. And of course he didn't :P  

MedLite C6; this is the machine that was used for skin toning or also known as laser treatment.

To be honest, the feeling of the laser therapy isn't entirely pleasurable but it was tolerable, at least for me.    I felt tingling, ticklish and slight discomfort all in one. I have quite low pain tolerance, so you might actually feel nothing.  

Not sure if I was laughing cause it was ticklish or suffering from pain HAHAHAHA 

It took less than 10 mins for the whole procedure. Phew! Mild to moderate redness is pretty common after the procedure but it should be gone within an hour or so. Moisturizer can be applied for soothing effect as well as sunblock to protect your face from the direct sunlight. 

The first immediate effect that I noticed was that my facial hair (my mustache actually HAHA) was completely gone YAY which means I don't have to go for upper lips waxing anymore :P My freckles seems to be slightly lighter and my pore size decreased as well. Although you will notice results after the first treatment but you will need at least 4 to 6 sessions with a gap of 3-4 weeks between each session to see obvious differences and improvement. It's RM650 per session for a course of 6 sessions.  

After the skin toning procedure, I had the skin rejuvenation with transdermal face booster treatment, also known as the red carpet treatment to calm and soothes the skin. According to Dr. Lim, celebrities will usually have this skin rejuvenation treatment a day before or hours before special events such as red carpet to have ultra-glowing and radiant skin. The main effects and benefits of skin rejuvenation treatment would be restoring critical moisture, tightening and firming of tissues, decreasing sensitivity, stimulating cell renewal as well as improving skin vitality.   

Our skin, the largest organ, effectively prevents passage of many foreign substances into the body. Ironically, not all ingredients in our facial products that contain substances of higher molecular weight are capable of crossing the skin barrier for better absorption. Thus, the non-invasive and effective transdermal procedure is introduced as an alternative to injection without needles hitting your skin! Furthermore, the procedure can be done in just a jiffy with no downtime as well. Even for very sensitive skin types, a very mild scratching sensation may be experienced at the very beginning; however, it disappears during the treatment. Plus, the vibration feature on Transdermal delivery minimizes the electrical pulses perception resulting in a very pleasant experience. The Transdermal delivery can be applied for skin hydration, brown spot lightening and facial rejuvenation.

The transdermal face booster machine is used along with Clique Super Serum.  

The aftermath; fairer and smoother skin even with zero makeup on.
Slight redness at the upper area of my T-zone after the skin toning treatment but overall, I'm more than satisfied with the results. 
What I love Clique Clinic is the the comfy and relaxing vibe it gives that I don't even feel like I'm in a clinic undergoing treatment. 
The treatment room.

The consultation rooms and waiting area. 

They even have a counter bar for you to have tea or coffee (:

Last but not least, thanks again to Clique Clinic for the great hospitality! A group photo with Dr. Lim, Hideaki Lim and Josh Chua, director of Clique Clinic.

Besides skin toning and skin rejuvenation treatment, Clique Clinic provides services like aesthetic care inject-ables for face rejuvenation: botox, fillers, chemical peeling, photo rejuvenation, hair removal, skin resurfacing, acne scars treatments, pigmentation treatments and keloid scar treatments. 

Don't hesitate to email me or contact them directly if you want to know more about the skin rejuvenation treatment. Want the perfect wrinkle-free face? Now you know where to head to (;

Clique Clinic
No. 4 Jalan 19/36
Seksyen 19, 463000,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel No: 03-79601211
Official website:



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