Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Book A Taxi with Taxi Monger today!

If you know me well, you probably know that I go around with public transport most of the times but taxi would be a better option sometimes since it's more convenience and time-saving which I wouldn't mind paying a little extra for that. However, it can quite nerve-wrecking if you can't hail a taxi on the spot especially when you're running late but thank goodness for this life saver taxi booking mobile app called Taxi Monger! I can now book my taxi beforehand :D Forget the traditional way of calling taxi hotlines to get a taxi. Besides, what sets Taxi Monger apart from the other taxi apps is that they provide the passengers more value for their moolah spent on taxi rides with their loyalty programme! Well, you have to read till the end to find out more.  

Alright, let's get started! First, you'll have to download the app from your respective app store and sign up for an account.
You can opt to log in via Taxi Monger itself or via FB which makes everything easier since all your details will be synced automatically. 
Once you've activated your account, this will appear on the homepage of the app that shows your current location. Even without the GPS switched on, the location is pretty accurate.

To book a taxi, you can choose to be picked up from your current location or click search if it's from a different location. Then, key in all the necessary booking details to complete the booking. 
You can also select your own pickup time (you can even book few days ahead) and the type of taxis that you want (luxury or budget). Then, the fare estimation will be shown along with the duration of the journey.   
Once your booking is made, notifications will be sent via email and SMS to confirm your booking. You can also check your booking at your app's dashboard. The details of the taxi driver that includes the contact number and car plate number will be made available too. 

For a better idea, here's a brief video to show you how Taxi Monger works! 

I personally tried Taxi Monger myself and I find it pretty good. The driver was punctual (slightly earlier in fact) and gave me a call when he arrived. The trip took less than half an hour and costs me around RM35 from Klang to PJ, thanks to clear traffic. 

To be frank, there are quite a few limitations since it's still a pretty new app. I felt there is definitely room for improvement to provide a better and satisfactory service to their users. They are currently serving in Klang Valley area so it was a tad difficult to get taxis that are not in the area. 

Well, that's just not it! With Taxi Monger, you'll get to enjoy some other benefits as well! 

1. TaxiMiles is the first loyalty programme ever to be created by a taxi-booking app in Malaysia that is specially designed for their loyal customers. The more you ride with them, the more TaxiMiles you earn and the more choices you have to redeem for gifts and vouchers. How to earn them? Every 1km of travel using Taxi Monger equals to 1 TaxiMile. 

As you can see, I've collected 31 Taxi Miles after my first trip. 
For every 1000 TaxiMiles, you'll be entitled to claim for a KFC Snack Plate Voucher while for 2,000 TaxiMiles, you can claim a Starbucks Card worth RM20. You can even claim an Ipad Mini with 10,000 TaxiMiles. Feel free to visit to check out the whole gallery of interesting gifts and vouchers that you can choose from! So start booking with Taxi Monger and to collect more TaxiMiles today!

2. Flexiroam is a service that allows you to make and receive international roaming calls when overseas for free at a flat rate per day. For customers who have recently subscribed to TaxiMonger, you will  be rewarded with RM50 Flexiroam credits. On average, RM50 Flexiroam credits can be used over a period of 5 days overseas and you can save at least RM500 in total! Such a steal, no? For more information, please go to or

Taxi Monger is now available for download on Apple Store, Google Play, Hypp TV and online so you can now book a taxi to your doorstep with just a click away!

For more details, check out Taxi Monger at their;
Official Website:
Facebook Page: 

Wishing you a safe and pleasant journey with Taxi Monger, enjoy your ride! :D

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