Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Take Astro with You Whenever You Go!

I guess most of us are familiar with Astro, even I myself grew up with Astro. Those good ol' childhood days where I'll spent most of time watching cartoons on Disney Channel and The Cartoon Network. I remember watching sports and documentary channels with my dad, Singaporean dramas with mum and singing along to music videos (more on checking out male artists haha) with my elder sister on MTV and V Channel back then. Those bonding sessions wouldn't be possible without Astro, I must say. Ever since I left home for uni, I never really get to watch Astro anymore cause I don't own a  TV in my hostel so I'm so glad that they come up with Astro On The Go that allows me to watch Astro without the need of having TV. Remember the Astro On The Go's Campus Roadshow that I blogged about earlier this month? Well, I had the chance to check out what it is all about myself the very next day at KBU International College. I felt that it's a really good move since most of the university students these days would not have access to TV, so by having Astro On The Go, we can still catch our favourite drama, movies and football matches at our comfort. 

The Astro On The Go booth at the KBU main entrance.

Basically, the campus roadshow is all about getting to know more about Astro On The Go and you can sign up for free with the assistance of the crew. Besides that, there were lucky draws as well where you can stand a chance to win yourself one month of FREE access to the premium content of Astro On The Go. Since it's the World Cup season, they are giving out some World Cup limited edition merchandise too! Not to forget, there were free goodie bags too :D

So of course I didn't miss out the opportunity to register an account for myself since it's for FREE! #typicalmalaysian HAHAHA All you have to do is just to fill up some basic details and you're done. 

Once you've registered yourself, you'll receive an email to activate your account. Once activated, you can log in and use it right away. You can watch via the website itself on your laptop or you can just download the app from App Store or Google PlayStore on your phones or tablets.

Trying my luck and as usual luck is never on my side when it comes to lucky draw, so I got a yellow ball that says thank you instead LOL

The following week, I headed to HELP University to join in the fun again! I guess I'm starting to develop uni-withdrawal syndrome HEH

Maybe I should give that lucky draw another try again? HEH

There was a great response from the crowd and I like the fact that they are really outgoing; going all in to win the merchandise back home.

Students after students signing up for Astro On The Go. 

And not to forget the lucky draw too!

The enthusiastic guys, showing off their juggling skills. C'mmon show us what you've got ┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ 

The happy faces! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

How bout one for the selfie album, say cheeeeese :B And guess what, this afro guy, Ross was actually featured in one of Jinnyboy's World Cup Video skid, such a small world!

It was definitely a fun-filled afternoon with the students and fellow bloggers, Nicole and Khai as well. 

So what are you waiting for?
With Astro On The Go, you can now watch Astro regardless of where and when, cause you can take it with you wherever you go! Sign up today for more priviledge :D 

I guess most of you would be wondering what are the channels that you will be able to watch on Astro On The Go. So basically, the basic access to Astro On The Go is FREE for everyone. If you're just a free user, you'll be able to watch Astro Awani, first episodes of shows and dramas, selected movies and LIVE sports without paying a cent. But if you're an existing Astro customer (or if your parents are) that subscribe to Super Pack, Multiroom, Sports Pack or Value Pack, you will be able to watch for up to 30 channels including Astro AEC, Astro Ria Plus, Astro Awani, Astro Shuang Xing, Astro Bella, Astro TVIQ, CNN, Asian Food Channel, MTV, Cartoon Network, One HD, TLC Animal Planet, and many more.

For other Astro customers, you will be able to have access to Astro On The Go for only RM10/per month. And as for  non-Astro customers, fret not, you will still be able to enjoy more channels with no contract or installation required by paying only RM5/day or RM10/month depending on the selected channel and packages you choose or you could just subscribe to single pay per view content like EPL matches, live events and movies for as low as RM3. That's still pretty affordable, no? 

For more details on the channels and packages available as well as the payment details, you can always visit to find out more.

Thanks to Astro On The Go, I can now enjoy the latest Korean and Hong Kong dramas (guess what, they even have Astro On Demand!) anywhere and anytime at my own pace cause it's all lined up for me on both my tablet and smartphone, how convenient! Forget about live streaming World Cup matches during the wee hours cause I can watch them on Astro On The Go as well :D

Now, this is the epitome of a world-class couch potato, my friend. Something I'm really good at, as you can see especially now that I'm unemployed at the moment HAHAHA at least I have myself occupied, all thanks to Astro On The Go.

Speaking of which, I should get back to my korean reality shows and checking out the World Cup latest matches' highlights;

And while I'm at it, don't forget to sign up at!


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