Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Camera Museum @ Penang

During my last trip to Penang, I had the chance to set foot in one of the latest attractions in Penang, The Camera Museum which is located in the heart of the George Town Heritage Zone. It was a rather spontaneous plan since Sie Yii and I have no idea what to do at 9am on a Wednesday morning while waiting for Joeann to get her medical check up done. I actually wanted to drop by Hin Company Bus Depot that has been the talk of the town to check out the artworks but I couldn't get the exact address and I was not sure if the place is still open to public since the exhibition was no longer available. Such a bummer T__T

After a quick search on the internet, I stumbled across this newly opened Camera Museum so I thought, why not. The museum was actually pretty easy to find, located just next to MoonTree 47 which is also where the Little Girl in Blue mural is at. Finding a parking space nearby can be quite a hassle though. 

We are here!

The signature Hilda-was-here feet shot on the vintage tiles. 

Once you stepped into the museum, you will be greeted with this gigantic 19th century studio camera.
No doubt, it's a good spot for photo-taking!  

Claimed to be the first in South East Asia, this is something. 

Since it's a Camera Museum, cameras will definitely be a common sight. You can see different types of cameras, mostly vintage cameras being scattered around the place as deco or props. 

They even have mural painting with quotes (: 

With real vintage cameras as props! Super cool, no?
Sorry if I tend to sound enthusiastic throughout the whole post, I've always have a thing with camera :P

How to deal with photographers? Here's a tip; just give your best smile and pose! 

More cameras and film rolls at the ticket counter. 

The real exhibition is located on the first floor and you'll have to pay to enter. Entrance fee is priced at RM20 for adult, RM10 for students (just flash your student card) and senior citizens and it's free entry for children below 12. Just so you know, you can request for a guided tour with no extra charge.

You'll see this 3D map of the first floor on your left before you entered the main hall. 
The main hall is where majority of the camera collection is displayed, then they have the Obscura Room where you can experience taking photograph with the world's first camera, Spy Cameras and World War Cameras Room which exhibit unique camera models, Dark Room where you discover how films are being developed and lastly the Pinhole Room.

The have camera models ranging from Leica to Yashica, Zenit, Pentax and many more that comes in various designs and sizes too. They even have unique toy cameras, how cute!

How I wish I can own one of these! 

Camera flashlights in the olden days. 

Panorama view of the main hall.
The amount of cameras they have are just....whoa. Fascinating and impressive, really. 
I love how each camera are nicely labelled with its model and origin. History class once again, but the best part is it isn't boring at all to learn the history and evolution of camera. The effort the owner put in this main hall itself is really admirable.

Interesting find in the museum; Selfie existed even back in the 20s!
And look at how huge the camera is back then that resembles a box. I find it really amusing though.

More cameras on display!

Shameless selfies cause the lighting was really nice :P I just can't help it HEH 

Another selfie with Sie Yii :DDDD 

It took us quite a while before we entered the Dark Room cause it reminded me of a scary scene in a thriller. You know, like there might be someone who is hiding inside a dark room like this, waiting to kill you when you walk in AHAHA I obviously have a great imagination.

I guess it would be even fun if we get to develop our own films here, don't you think?
Have you ever wonder why is it called a Dark Room instead of a Red Room? Here and here explain why. 

Later on, we headed back downstairs to check out Double Exposure Cafe and Snap Shop which is the cafe and the souvenir shop respectively. There is also a small gallery featuring some really photographs hanging on the wall. 

Cute camera rings on sale (: 

Cute T-shirts that are reasonably priced. 

Little did we know that we spent almost 2 hours in the museum, I swear we didn't spend an hour taking selfie :P Lastly, a trip to the museum wouldn't be complete without a touristy shot! They even have props for you to take photo with. If you're a camera enthusiast, be sure not to miss out this place if you're in Penang! 

The Camera Museum Georgetown -- CHECKED!

The Camera Museum
No. 49, Muntri Street,
10200, Georgetown,
Tel No: 04-2613649
Operating Hours: 9.30am - 6.30pm
Official Website: 
Facebook Page:

Till then, have a great week ahead guys!



Ken Wooi said...

Okay, this is new.. Haven't heard of it before.. The only museum I went to was the Toy Museum.. Should check it out if I'm there. :D

HerYuan Lau said...

waaaa. i went outside there before ne, never been inside there before. :O

Tony Ch'ng said...

Thanks for dropping by our small museum! Feel free to repost some of the nice pics on our FB page at

Glad to hear that u enjoyed the 2 hours spent here. Stay tuned for more monthly activities like the Obscura festival which will be held from 1 Aug to 31 Aug. (: