Friday, August 8, 2014

Perfect for the Selfie-Obsessed

The Samsung Nx Mini that has been nothing but a good companion for the past few months. It is a compact interchangeable camera that focuses on good looks, pocket-friendly size, connectivity and oh, of course selfies. I guess the term selfie needs no further introduction. It is out to capture the hearts and minds of the fashionable and  the selfie obsessed folks. No doubt, there are tons of digital cameras in the market nowadays including the micro four thirds and what not, the small compact lenses that comes with the Samsung NX Mini and the flippable screen that turns 180 degree is what makes it unique from the rest.  Let's see if it really lives up to its title as the ultimate selfie camera, shall we? 

Minus the flip-up display screen and the fact that the camera is lightweight, what makes it the ideal selfie camera is the ultra-slim pancake lens. The 9mm prime lens provides a wide-angled field of view, which make it an excellent selfie lens; wide enough to fit your whole bunch of friends in the frame. Besides, the 20-megapixel sensor that comes in this tiny camera is pretty impressive on its own already. Daylight photos taken with the NX mini always turn out stunning and vibrant, depicting either foliage or portraits. The variation of features available in Self Shot mode which I've blogged HERE few months ago also contribute to make the selfie-taking more fun and entertaining. Don't forget the beauty mode for prettier selfies as well :P And did I mention that the battery life is excellent? It could last me up to at least 2 days of heavy usage; definitely a plus point for extended outings and long trips. It's pretty amazing how these numbers of awesome features are being crammed in this camera. Now you know why am I so obsessed with it (: 

Everything about this camera screams simplicity and sleekness; exquisitely modern with just the perfect touch of analogue. It comes with five different shades as well and my favourite has got to be the pink one!

The adorable 9mm prime lens which is specially made for more portability and selfie action.

The Samsung NX Mini is also equipped for immediate social sharing with NFC and built in WiFi; perfect for the social media addicts. 

My travel essentials these days.
It has been my all-time favourite camera since I had it cause it's so easy to bring it around and saving so much space in my bag for more stuff :P I feel bad for ditching my former camera, looks like I'm the one who is being unfaithful here.

Alright, so here is a itty bitty fraction of my whole selfie album taken with Samsung Nx Mini;

I guess I nailed the Oscar's selfie, but better? There are 17 of us in this frame HAHAHA win liao lor.
This was back in May, at our so-called graduation dinner. Forgive me for the fugly eye makeup.

Our after-party which was at GSC Paradigm, watching X-Men: Days of Future Past.

One of those Zouk nights with the lovelies (; 
Family group selfie during the World Cup season; clad in our respective team's jersey.

Selfie with the birthday girl who just turned 11 last week! 

At the recent Padawan River Safari in Kuching.

Shameless Selfie #1 | Ssssssup? 
Shameless Selfie #2 | One of my fave shots taken with Samsung NX Mini. 
Shameless Selfie #3 | Cause red is rad. 
Shameless Selfie #4 | Trying out the Bidayuh traditional costume in Annah Rais.
I guess that's sufficient for now, I wouldn't want to freak you out with more of my shameless selfies. My friends called me the Queen of Selfie for a reason HEH but of course I don't take them or spam them on your timeline on a daily basis, that is just insane. For all you vainpot(s) out there who are like me who want to step up from a smartphone front camera yet not wanting to lug a bulky and large camera with you, the Samsung NX Mini might just be the camera you’ll ever need! All in all, I personally feel that it's a great camera not only for selfies (even most of my friends agree), but it's a fashion accessory by itself. Trust me, you'll love it!

To check out more photos I've taken with NX Mini, feel free to click on the NX Mini label on the right sidebar of my blog.

Till then, have a great weekend ahead, guys!



Small Kucing said...

cool.. how much is the camera ya? am interested too. Ya now selfie very prominant. Even my son also crazy selfie

~Joeanney~ said...

So nice, you get to try out the traditional costume :p

meitzeu said...

Lovely traditional costume you are wearing. :)


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michellesnoopy said...

cute little camera..and hilda... I WAN UR SUNGLASSES!!!