Friday, December 5, 2014

Fashion Post: Yellow Asymmetrical Skort

It's been  almost two months since I've embarked into the working world and I've got to admit that I seriously miss my carefree uni life already T__T Work has been pretty hectic and I'm still struggling to keep my head above water. With work and whatnot taking up most of my time, I haven't really found the time to dress up and try new clothes out for a while now. Sundays are probably the only days where I can utilize to gussy up and all though some days I will choose sleeping in over anything since it's the only day I can sleep in.

Some of you may recall that I've blogged about Curated Clothing before and I am thrilled to receive one of their fabulous pieces; the Yellow Asymmetrical Skort. We gotta admit that skorts definitely had a moment in the fashion scene this year after the great Zara Skort Armageddon of 2013 and has now growing into a phenomenon of varying cuts, textures, and lengths. 

Kimono Cardigan - Taobao

White Camisole - Forever21
Yellow Asymmetrical Skort - Curated Clothing
Rings - H&M

I've always had a very safe selection of colors in my wardrobe, not very versatile and I would seldom venture out to try a color that I'm not confident in pulling off. I can actually count the number of bold coloured garments I have with my ten fingers. I am quite into soft pastel yellow this year but not bright neon-like yellow. I guess there's no harm trying right? When it comes to coordinating my outfits, I love keeping things simple. Minimalist is the word. Drawing from my long admiration and obsession with florals (guess it's pretty obvious HEH), I put together this Kimono Cardigan with the skort, and lo and behold, the entire coordinate seems to fit quite nicely and is totally perfect for a casual-yet-chic day out. Personally I think it's fine to sometimes wander out of our comfort zones and experiment with different bright and bold colors instead of just sticking with the ones in our wardrobes. 
Excuse my flip flops :P 

So, what do you think of my entire outfit?
Be sure to check out (though the site is currently under construction) for more trendy and quirky garments or you can always look up for updates on their Facebook page HERE, and oh don't forget to give them a LIKE too! :D It's December anyway, you sure deserve to pamper yourself with new clothes for Christmas and New Year! 

Till then, have a nice weekend ahead guys!

P/S: I wish I could update my blog more often so hopefully I will be able to once I've adapated to a better work-life balance. More posts coming up soon, I know I say this too often but trust me, this time it's for real (;



meitzeu said...

Pretty skort!

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Jasmine Pang said...

Tell me about it - working life. My off-day is the most precious day of the week! And always looking forward to holidays too! Let's hang out when we can ;)