Friday, March 13, 2009

Result result result.

Result is out todayyy. I slept at 4am and woke up around 7am. I just couldn't sleep. I was too eager to wait for my teacher to call me and inform me my result on 8am. Tunggu punya tunggu, she called me at 10 something.
-_____________- '''

I took a deep breath and answered her call.

T: Hilda, your result.
H: How much? *dupdapdupdap/shallowing my saliva*
T: 6a1 1a2 2b3 1b4
H: Haaa? 7a nia? what subject did I get b4? *trying hard not to cry*
T: Wait. Too many subject codes and numbers. Su, apa 6355?
Voice behind: EST.
H: What? EST? I don't want.
T: Nevermind, you did well and try your best already.
H: Okay, thanks. Bye.

Few seconds after I hung up the call, I'm crying! What the hell. EST? B4? Impossible!

It was unexpected I got a bloody hell B4 for EST. *DAMN*
It was unexpected to get an A1 for my 1119 :)
It was unexpected to get both A for my Biology and Chemistry.
Overall, it was very UNEXPECTED.

Mummy and Sis felt that I did really well already. Daddy said that as long as I did not fail any subjects, I should be happy already but I am still blaming myself because I did not get what I targeted. I was not happy at all. Anyway, I still wanna congrats all my friends for their excellent results.

P/s: I'm okay sudah. Back to normal. No more emo. Lol.

hilda milda

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