Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fortune cookies from chinatown

Err, my post has nothing to do with fortune cookies actually. I just feel chinese today. Mm, hang on. I am one. *giggles*

Right now, I'm tuning in love story meets viva la vida *melts*, eating dahfa dried fish fillet, and feeling pink. There's nothing much to talk about today. At home doing housechores as usual, at night went out with family having dinner :D and after that, went to the mall to buy my Hello Kitty speaker.

Next up, I'm so going to get that Hello Kitty mouse which I spotted in the shop but the price wasn't that reasonable. D: and oh yeah I bumped into my former classmate and we talked for a bit because she seemed to be in a rush. She's like so lansi. wtf. I wanna puke. *psst, I never liked her* No idea what to write. Bye then. Kissy kiss.

Promises is what you made,
Shit is what you gave,
I'm feeling insecure all alone
and I'm not putting any hope anymore
cause I can't bear another heartbreak
I'll be okay on my own
I guess... *fading*

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