Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What a day

Oish and I have been planning to hang out together which we did today :D and this time it was not just the two of us, there was Ikhwan as well who came late like two hours later. So, Oish and I hang out at Ice City first while waiting for Ikhwan.

My choco latte and Oish's fave; milk ice with chocolate

Ikhwan showed up around 3pm and the three of us headed to the mall! We bought a few things for ourselves and what's funny was, each one of us bought the same DVD Confessions Of A Shopaholic. Hehehe. Oish got herself a new blouse which is electric blue in colour, 2 DVDs and a Nivea lipbalm while Ikhwan bought a banana boat sunblock and his so called ubat berus gigi for his mum. Hahahaha. Enough ramblings. Bla bla bla. Here are some of our pichas :D

As for moi, I bought a laptop sticker and guess what, it's Hello Kitty :D I saw this cute Hello Kitty speaker but I didn't get to buy it. Was planning to bodek my dad to buy it for me. He said yes! *pumps fists* I'm getting it tomorrow :D Weehoo.


After, tadaaaa!

One week of facing the ceiling and these four walls, I get to see the blue sky today and I surey-sure had lots of fun. Thanks you guys. :)

P/s: I was webcaming with Nad earlier this morning and she asked me VERY nicely to put up our picture so here you go Nad love! xD

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CathCathCathyyy said...

i asked my fren to download the shopaholic movie, look like i don need to anymore! hahahaha! anyway, ur hello kitty laptop does look cute!

Hilda Milda said...

ya. i can watch wit u if u wan. :) how many movie do u have now? thxx. still got a lot at mall. u wan? haha.

Naaaaaaad said...

ice city looks like my kind of place :D cute upa. hehehe aok VERY nicely oh? :p

Hilda Milda said...

Yess, it's nice and cosy in there :D There's sofa! hehe. yes yes, and politely. heh.