Saturday, June 20, 2009

Little brat. Little monster.

It's been quite a day, with Megan bugging me from am to pm. Jees. I beg to anyone please take her away from me. Not too far, just a few miles away :P

She came back from tuition and screamed from the moment she got out of the car. I can go to Level Two! I'm not lying! I was like okay, impressive. She passed her test with flying colors, 97 marks. That's not bad right? I guess it runs in the family. Hahahaha. I am proud of her despite she did a few careless mistakes. Mum brought us for lunch and then I decided to get my fringe cut 'cause I need to take passport photo. Megan was whining in the saloon because she wanted a haircut too but Mum said no and then Megan ran to me and said that my hair was fugly. =.= She was just envy, I know that. I went to the beach today with Megan *had to drag her along* and my cousin :D Megan had fun with the toys that used to built sandcastles which Mum bought weeks ago. Megan was being a full time rambler today for she talked non-stop and this annoyed the heck out of me! I wonder how her nanny put up with her all these years. She complained when her sancastle was not successful. She imitated my cousin when she was on the phone. She was being fussy when making her sandcastles. Sheesh. She didn't want to go home and my cousin had to offer her air kelapa and finally she gave in. We reached home around 7 and went out again at 9pm with our parents and their friends for supper. Since there was no other kid, I was the victim. Again. She started to ask me a lot of questions about NS because she wanted to know about every single thing.

Hilda: Don't you feel tired talking non stop?
Megan: No, not at all. You leh?
Hilda: Yes.
Megan: Nvm, you just have to nod or shake your head. I will continue to do the talking. *in chinese*
Hilda: =.=lll

For God's sake, can someone just shut her mouth up? Later on, I accompanied Megan to the toilet and I found out that she had no panties on. I told Mum about it and Megan got embarassed. Hahaha. And and she accused me of not wearing a bra?! What la. So hours later, she was getting sleepy and grumpy because Dad was still talking to his friends. Finally, around 11pm we headed home and that's when I get some peace. Megan's finally gone to Lalaland. Anyway, Hilda still loves you, like I always do. I have to admit life sucks without you.

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Sandra said...

kan kan kan...

i always tell her my ear very pain. ask her dun talk anymore. hehehe.

then she will angry at me...

Hilda Milda said...

haha. yala. then she will continue to talk.

CathCathCathyyy said...

ooohhh. i miss her! HAHAHAHAHA

Hilda Milda said...

U'll be seeing her soon. Confirm you beh tahan. haha.