Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

A father's love endures all. How true is this statement? I definitely agree 101%.

Obviously he was not ready.

I you daddy. You're the coolest dad ever and no one can replace you. He was an uptight dad and yet loving. I shall miss him a lot when I'm away from home. He always feel bad when I sulk about not getting what I want and he will try to make it up to me. He was always giving me one of those Daddy pep talks and ended with "It's for your own good" quote. This shows pretty much that he loves me, I know that :) Although Dad and I aren't as close as Mum and I are, he will always have the special place in my heart. I'm always daddy's little girl and I promise I wont let you down. Long live dad.

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hey. how did u get here? :D gonna link you. okie?

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i have sources XD okie dokies

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haha. you're stalking me!

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shhh, dont let the whole world know that ;)