Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I didn't see that one coming.

Earlier tonight, I was doing my laundry alone at the back of my house. Then, I heard a voice. A thick one and it sounds serious. A man's, saying shhh. Short but spooky enough to make my spine cold. I froze. Okay, I sound like I'm writing an essay about horror but it's hella true!. I looked at the house next door and the house behind mine to see if there's anyone in sight. It's dark and i was afraid. I ran to the kitchen, screaming at my parents.

Hilda: Dad, Mum. I heard something! *upset*
Mum: What? Stop being ridiculous.
Hilda: Wtf. *grumbles* I'm not lying.
Dad: Where?
Hilda: Back there. *heart beating fast*
Dad: Maybe it's just the neighbours.
Hilda: No, i saw nobody.

So Dad went to check and he saw nothing. Of course there was nothing and I didn't see that one coming too. Tears started welling in my eyes. I was freaked out okay. Thank God I didn't wet myself. :p

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