Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Christmas in Madrid.

Manchester United have received a world-record, unconditional offer of £80million (US$130) for Christiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid. He is off to Real Madrid - for a world record of £80mil and is now world’s most expensive player. I will be supporting MU no matter what `cause Ferdinand in still in there. Ahahahaha.

This hunk is then spotted out with Paris Hilton in a nightclub according to a report. Boo. Why her? Wtf, hell yeah I'm pissed but not jealous. Lol. Okay, enough bout him. Point made. Move along.

The last few days was Über-boring. Me stuck at home being a full time housewifey and babysitter. Yesterday was NOT my day and thanks to Mummy for making it a shitty one. All she did was nag nag and NAG! She's been putting the blame on me practically in everything and I'm sick of it. Lord, please tell me it's her having PMS and I hope I can bear with her, for a little while. *fingers crossed* If there's an award for A-list nagger, I'll definitely nominate my mum and afundi her so that she win. I've always thought mum and daughter get along in every situation but why is it my mum can't just give me a break? Pfft. So, I might as well just breathe in, breathe out, relax, and say BITCHES! Then, bye bye stress :D Somehow I realised that not all my mum's decision were correct but I knew her motives were selfless. I still love her to bits.

Well, that's all. As long as I love my yellow nails and kisisng thru the phone; which Nad and Oish are as well diggin', I'll be feeling gay all the day. Yeah. && I want a pair of Hello Kitty flip flops please? Teehee.

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