Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Specially for you

For who? My title may sounds like I'm writing this for someone of the opposite sex but hell no. Haha. I'm gay remember? *but I'm still pretty much normal*


So, here it goes.

It's for her. :)

she and her moo cow.

Happy 18th Birthday Nadddddddd!

She is not excited at all about her 18th birthday because she said she does not want to grow up and being 18 was not something to be proud of. Relax Nad, at least you're not turning 50 today! Haha. I wish you have a memorable 18th birthday and try to enjoy it since you have a good start. && him! :D Hope that you two will be together someday and semoga panjang umur and dicurah rezeki yang tak terhingga. Hehe. Oh, now I sound like a granny. Ignore that part, `cause I'm younger than you no matter what. Lalalala. You've been a great friend, a helpful one. That's why you're one of my bestfriend and I love you Nad although you tend to cheat on me sometimes. It hurts you know? :p We've been friends for 2 years but we've never even met because we first known each other in FS and eventually, we became close (and intimate hahahahahah, my gay partner) though we did lose contact only for a while :) I am excited to meet her someday or soon and I can't imagine how it will be like, oh I owe her a McD treat and a birthday prezzie.

Last but not least, stop being upset kay? U still got me and Alek and HIM! Think on the bright side. Being 18 makes you legal to watch porn! Ahahaha. May you be the happiest birthday girl on earth today.

I wish I was invisible,
so that I can be around you all the time,
wrap my arms around you,
near by your side,
listen to your heartbeat every seconds,
and feel your warm breath,
you never know how much I'm missing you,
this feeling is killing me.

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Anonymous said...

i luuuuurve this post best :P thanks dear~ kiut mek lam gmba ya eh. kalah moo-cow :D

Hilda Milda said...

haha. glad u like it :) ish ish, da org pasan eh.

Anonymous said...

heh. mek x ngga porn agk. !!!!!!