Friday, July 17, 2009

All packed

and ready to go. I'm bringing 3 luggages altogether, yeah I have lots of stuffs.

So I guess there's no turning back. Say hello to college life :D Fyi, I'm heading to Mahsa College, taking foundation in science for one and a half year.

Mum will be sending Dad and I to the airport w/o Megan because she has tuition tomorrow morning. Sobs. The flight will be departing on 11.35am and I hope it won't delay. Mm, I'm not sure if I can update in this few days but I'll try. Oh boy oh boy, I can't wait to meet my sis! I wanna go shopping and get new stuffs. ;p


I finally got the Hello Kitty mouse that I wanted. Thanks to anonymous for this gift! :)

That's it.

So long and farewell to you. I've just taken my very first step and here I'm standing, looking at a far journey ahead of me. Sigh. Long way to go, so pray hard that I won't get lost. But I'll see you in the end of the journey and oh ya don't forget to bring success along, will you? :) Btw, you're not going to be an old chapter in my scrapbook cause I totally thrown it away. I'm starting a new one. Take care. Ciao~

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