Thursday, July 16, 2009

Don't tell a soul goodbye

I have to and I'm leaving on Saturday. So long baby. I hate to say goodbye!

Nothing much today. Been busy packing and I'm quite worried if my stuffs complies to the 15kg weight limit set by Air Asia. My Dad will kill me if he have to pay extra. Hahahaha. He said I can't bring my patrick because I'm too big for that. Nah, I won't care! I'm bringing it no matter what. I think I'll have to squeeze it somewhere in my luggage but it's too bulky. Sobs. I gave my smaller patrick to Cathy. :) I have three of them so now I have two left. Hehe. I used to be a patrick freak but not that much anymore. Soon, my room will be vacant. I'll miss my room and miss sleeping alone in my own room cause I don't really like sharing bedroom with someone else. I need privacy okay? ;p Okay okay, too much craps. I had dinner with family and family friends, Cathy was there too. I just couldn't run away from her didn't I? Lol. The dinner was great but I'm feeling guilty for my tummy. Heh, just a bit. I really need to be on diet after this but words with no action is a total bullshit. Haha.

This week is a week full of fun, hang outs and food! That's how life should be, right? *big grin* I'll be finish watching GG season 2 and I can't wait for season 3 in September! Yeay! No idea what to ramble anymore. So, that's it. Adios~

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