Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A day without you

was like bread with no peanut butter. Plain bread still tastes nice anyway. :)

Listening to Twenty years by Augustana.

#1. I drank Teh C peng thrice.
#2. I fell in love with lomo cameras. Aww, Holga Multicolour. ;)
#3. I took some pics.
#4. I watched a few videos from youtube.
#5. I get my spectacles fixed and ordered a new pair of contact lens.
#6. I missed someone.
#7. I had two more pimples sprouting out.
#8. I went shopping with Mum for groceries.
#9. I had tummy ache and headache. Ugh.
#10. My jeans are ready made. Huraah.

Good luck Nad for your finals & Cathy, welcome back to Malaysia! :D

Too tired today. Haven't gotten enough sleep. -_________-

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