Monday, July 6, 2009

Say all I need

Today wasn't boring at all. :D I woke up and quickly grabbed my phone to check the time, already 9.08am.Yao promised to come over at 9. But then I received a text from her saying that she'll be late. Then I went back to sleep because I was very sleepy. Nad, me lover was up already and she texted me to wake up She was just making sure I didn't overslept. So,Yao texted again around 10 to say she's on her way. Lazily I went to freshen myself up and I waited for her. Minutes later, she came and brought teh c peng! Love it, ice ice. Yao and I was just hanging out, I helped to make her own Facebook account and settled some of her college stuffs till 3 something. Soon after Yao left, Johanese texted me and she wanted to hang out with me! So I took a shower and hang out with her until 5. We also went to take my jeans from a nearby tailor. Sad to know that it wasn't ready made yet until tomorrow night. Boohoo. So I wasn't alone for the whole day~ And the night was the usual; dinner, tv with family, helping Megan revising her studies, webcaming with Nad and go online until midnight. Haven't got the time to watch Gossip Girls today because I was waiting for episode 11 till 17 to finish downloading. Oh, I should start to sleep early cause my face is now full of zits! Help! Btw, I lala love the weather today. After three rainy days, it is finally sunny! This cheered me up a little :) && I changed my Twitter layout and I like Eyesores very much. *grins* I'm a fan of them in Facebook and do follow them on Twitter also!

#1. See those clouds.

#2. You're my sunshine, my only sunshine :)

#3. You don't know how the degree of hotness has gotten into me.

#4. Ignore the retarded face. The sky is blueeee :D

Love fades with season,
friendship lasts a year round.
I love you all girlfriends.
You guys made my day.

A sunny and pretty one.
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Anonymous said...

brk perasan. third pic upa ktk kdk megan :) adorable!

Hilda Milda said...

megan? bnaka? hahaha. thnks.

sMoochie said...

cali eh, the last 2 pics. hahaha.

Hilda Milda said...

So? Jealous? Hahahahah.